Prepping for Romance – For Him

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you’ll know that Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Love it, or hate it, it’s a day for romance. I tend to make a little extra effort in the lead up, it’s nice to have a pamper, and prep that winter skin.

Men have it a lot easier, Ed doesn’t fake tan, shave his legs or paint his nails, but he does trim his beard, which can get a bit out of control if not maintained. The Men’s Trimmer from Panasonic is brilliant for shaving, styling or for a last minute touch ups for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

Ed doesn’t often go clean shaven, preferring to style his beard instead, so a gadget like this is useful to have.

As well as having a shave, these are some other indulgent, but manly, ways to prep for a night of romance…

Hot Bath

Who doesn’t love a nice hot bath? It’s the perfect way to wash away the day, and if you add some essential oils, it can totally de-stress you as well. Switch off your phone, lie back with a drink and chill out with a good book. I’ve been into thriller crime novels lately.

Post Shave Facial

Bear with me, I’m not talking a full facial here, but more a nice calming wash followed by a face cream. There are plenty of products tailored for men on the market these days, so you don’t need to feel feminine whilst taking care of your skin.


I’m not suggesting a visit to the salon, but it’s nice to have a trim, so why not dedicate some time whilst grooming, to do a bit of manscaping. Your partner will appreciate it, trust me.

Foot Rub

Either go and treat yourself to one by a professional, or work it into the romance by having your partner give you a foot rub in return for one. We hold a lot of tension in our feet, and having them worked on can really help you relax.

New Aftershave

Perhaps drop some hints to your partner on this one, or just treat yourself to a new aftershave. My Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him included some nice ones. Having a new scent can make you feel instantly like you’ve made an effort.

This is a collaborative post with Panasonic, however all opinions and photos are my own.

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16 thoughts on “Prepping for Romance – For Him

  1. Prettiful Blog

    A foot rub would definitely be my boyfriends preference!


    1. emma_lou

      Haha, my husband’s too! x


  2. Heather

    A new aftershave is a great, easy gift x


    1. emma_lou

      Yes indeed x


  3. Chloe

    These are some great gift ideas! X


    1. emma_lou

      Perfect for any occasion x


  4. Charlotte Lane

    These are all great ideas! I love gifting my boyfriend new aftershave xo

    Char |


    1. emma_lou

      Aftershave is a nice gift to give 😊 x


  5. Joyce Lau

    That card is cute. Shame I have no one to buy for 😂


  6. Little Miss Mel

    Oh love these ideas. You definitely can’t beat a hot bath.


    1. emma_lou

      Love a bath these days! x


  7. Chloe

    What a fab gift guide for the man in your life! xx


  8. shelley

    that card is divineeeee.


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