Mummy Mondays – Spring Cleaning with the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Living in rented accommodation, our hands are tied a little in what we can do to make our living environment nicer. We aren’t really able to decorate much, so it can feel like we are living in a house but not a home.

The house tends to get a little damp over the colder winter months, and our bathroom has not been looking its best lately.

When I was given the chance to review the Hurricane Spin Scrubber from JML, I didn’t hesitate. Our shower area was in desperate need of a deep clean, and this product, which claims to make scrubbing easy, seemed like the answer.

The Spin Scrubber needs to be put on charge for a whopping eight hours before you can use it, which is a little frustrating, if you are hoping to get on right away (or if you’re wanting to take photos of it in use during daylight hours like me). Just something to bear in mind.

It plugs into the mains, so nice and simple to get it charged, and once up and running, it is fairly simple to set up.

There are several attachments included in the box, a flat brush, corner brush and a multi-purpose brush. As our main issue is mildew around the grouting, Ed fixed on the multi-purpose brush and got to work. To turn the spin Scrubber on, you simply press on the switch.

Once charged, its fully cordless, which makes for easy cleaning (especially when working in the bathroom, where the risk of electrocution is strong).

Ed was surprised at how powerful the spin scrubber felt. He said you can really feel it’s working, but without the sensation of needing to control it much. He liked how long it was, meaning he didn’t need to get in the bath to clean around the shower. He was able to easily get to previously tough to reach areas without issue.

I was seriously impressed with how well the spin scrubber got our shower area cleaned.

The shower door and taps look amazing and the damp and mouldy areas looked much better. I think with regular use, it will be much easier to keep these issues at bay.

One thing I wasn’t so keen on was the noise it made. It reminded me a bit of being at the dentists. It was fairly loud, meaning I wouldn’t be able to use it during nap time, but not so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves talk over it.

It also took a lot longer than I imagined it would to get the bathroom looking clean, although this may be down to how bad it was to start with, and for subsequent uses it may be quicker.

It definitely worked not only on the damp and mildew but also on the stains from limescale on the taps and plug hole. We did use both damp & mildew cleaner and limescale remover sprayed on as well though, this wasn’t cleaned simply with water.

I think this is a brilliant product if your bathroom needs a bit of a deep clean. From reading the instructions, it is also suitable for cleaning garden furniture and dirty wheels, which is fantastic.

Priced at £39.99 and available from the JML website, this is a nifty little gadget I’m sure we will use time and time again.

I was sent the Hurricane Spin Scrubber for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photos are my own

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