My Monthly Plans – December

It’s December – wooo! I’m not gonna lie, december is by far my favourite month of the entire year. I am a big Christmas fan, and I love all the excitement this month brings, especially now I have children.

I managed to finish my Christmas shopping and wrapping last weekend, which is a first for me, so now I’m all ready for a month full of festive fun and time with my family!

2nd – Ed’s Work Christmas Trip to Bath

Ed’s work have arranged something a little different this year. We are heading off to Bath to visit their Christmas market. It’s going to be very festive and I’m really looking forward to it.

3rd – Christmas Meal with ‘The Mums’

The Mums are a group of girls I met at an antenatal class way back when I was heavily pregnant with Carly. We stayed in touch and regularly met up when our children were babies, and despite having gone through the changes of going back to work and having more babies, we have managed to stay friends. I always look forward to our catch ups, however far between, and I’m very excited for our Christmas meal at Prezzo!

8th – Christmas with ‘The Girls’

The following week I’m meeting up with my old work friends. I’ve only known these girls a couple of years but I consider them really good friends. The job we met at was particularly stressful, and I feel it helped us bond fairly quickly. I’m looking forward to a good catch up and some drinks.

9th-10th – Minimoon No2 in Cornwall

Ed and I are off on our second, and final, minimoon. Our first was at the brilliant Captains Club in Christchurch, and this one is in Newquay at a hotel called Fistral Beach. We have gone for their rockstar package and I can’t wait for cocktail making, relaxing in the spa and chilling out in our very own hot tub for the night. It’s going to be incredible!

13th – Carly’s Nativity Play

This is the first year Cameron hasn’t been in a nativity play, but Carly is taking a starring role as a sheep in here so I’m looking forward to going along and watching the performance. We got her a proper sheep outfit from Argos, and I must admit, she makes a very good sheep!

16th – Baby Shower

One of my friends is pregnant with her second baby, and we are going to be celebrating with an afternoon tea. I’m so excited as I love baby showers – although Ed’s hoping it doesn’t make me too broody!

17th – Christmas Circus at Plowmans

We are going along on Christmas Eve for breakfast with santa and I did want to go to the circus on the same day but unfortunately it isn’t on so we decided to book the circus separately. The kids absolutely loved it the past two years so I’m hoping they will again this year!

18th – Star Wars with Ed

I am not a big fan of Star Wars, but Ed loves the franchise so I’m going along with him to see the latest instalment in the afternoon whilst the kids are still at school (they break up so late this year). My mum is having Benjamin for us whilst we go and it’ll be nice to have a bit of time with Ed in the daytime.

21st – Pampering Session #1

I’ve booked in to have my eyebrows waxed and gel on my nails and toenails ready for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to relaxing and enjoying some pampering time for myself.

22nd – Pampering Session #2

The following day I’ve booked to have my highlights done. I try and get them done before special occasions, and what occasion more special than Christmas?

I love how soft and silky my hair feels after having my highlights done – it’s definitely one of my favourite ways to pamper myself.

24th – Breakfast with Santa

Christmas Eve signifies the start of Christmas for me. We’ve booked to have breakfast with santa in the morning and then I’m going to be doing some festive baking in the day before Christmas crafts, new pjs and a Christmas film with the kids followed by laying out the treats for santa and Rudolph and a special Christmas book before bed. I will then be heading off for midnight mass – perfect Christmassy day planned!

25th – Christmas Day

I don’t really need to elaborate on this one. Christmas Day is going to be spent at my mum’s. We will eat, drink and be merry and fit in our traditional visit to my granddad’s bench on the seafront.

26th – Christmas at Ed’s Parents’

Every year we go along to Ed’s parents’ for a second Christmas with them. Usually the kids are with their dads but this year we have all three of them for Boxing Day and it’ll be lovely to spend some time with them as a family.

27th – Family Christmas Meal in Kent

It’s become a bit of an annual tradition for our family to meet up in Kent (where we come from) to celebrate Christmas belatedly with a festive meal and a good catch up. My mum organises it every year and it’s always lovely to see everyone.

31st – New Year’s Eve Party

This year we’ve decided to stay in. The last few years have been stressful trying to spread ourselves out, driving between parties and last year almost missing seeing the new year in when I decided last minute to be with my Mum.

I know Ed is looking forward to actually being able to drink this year as he won’t be acting as a taxi!

We’ve made it family friendly so that the kids can enjoy the celebrations as well as us and I’m really excited for it!

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