Mummy Mondays – From Bubble to Best Friend with Shnooks by Zuru

Carly totally takes after me and therefore tends to become obsessed with toys, books and films very easily. I can always tell when she falls in love with something because it’s all she can talk about. 

It’s recently happened with Arthur Christmas (yes, we are watching Christmas films in our house already), and when we were sent the rather adorable Shnooks by Zuru, it happened again. 

Carly was a little nonplussed originally when I handed over the brightly coloured creature. Initially flat packed, the shnooks claim to grow eight times in size with a shake and a comb of their fluffy hair. 

We put it to the test and Carly loved seeing the toy expand in front of her eyes – although I must admit, I wasn’t convinced it had increased in size as much as it claimed. 

It didn’t matter to Carly, she was so happy to have her very own little furry creature and set about combing its unruly hair and getting me to tie it up using the colourful elastic bands included in the set. 

Although already named (the packaging tells you what each of the toys in the set is called- we had Sheebah and Shine), Carly set about giving her new toy a brand new name and settled on Jake(!). She then proceeded to tell me I needed to open the other toy we were sent so that I could play with her and Jake…. 

I didn’t take much encouraging and soon we were happily sat cross legged on the floor attaching clips in our Shnooks’ hair and having a discussion about which creature had the best coloured hair (I still maintain it is mine). 

The shnooks are currently residing in a coveted position on Carly’s bed, ready to be snuggled at bedtime. I asked Carly whether she liked her two Shnooks (let’s face it, she stole mine back from me pretty quick) and she proclaimed that they were super amazing awesome, which I think means she likes them… 

Available to purchase from Argos, The Entertainer and Smyths Toys amongst other places, at around £8 (or 2 for £14.99 in Argos), I think they are perfect as a birthday present or as a stocking filler for Christmas. I love that there are a variety of different styles, with names to match their individual personalities. 

Shnooks are nice to play with, brightly coloured and a fun addition to Carly’s ever growing soft toy stash. One thing I would watch out for though is how much they moult when you first comb their hair, the fluff goes everywhere! 

We were sent the Shnooks for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photos are my own. 


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