A Little Father’s Day Message for Ed 

I wanted to write a post today, because I don’t think I show Ed how much I appreciate him. It’s easy to live day to day, when you’re in a relationship, where you get by, without showing somebody how much they mean to you. It’s easy to take somebody for granted, to not let them know how you really feel. 

Father’s Day is a hard one since having children myself. Whereas before it was always about my own dad, now it has to be shared. This year it was easy as my own dad is all the way in Essex. We will hopefully see him next weekend but for now, he has his cards and his text and I’ve been able to focus on Ed. But no amount of cards and commercialised gifts seem to be enough to sum up what Ed means to us, as a family. 

He came into my life when my last marriage was ending. It was a tough time for me, but also for my two older children, who weren’t just going through the end of a marriage, they were losing a father figure who had been a constant in their life up until then. Ed gave them this back, and he also brought so much more than I ever expected. As a stepdad to Carly and Cameron, Ed is fantastic. He is so much more laid back than me. He has the patience to go back in to ‘check’ on the children 10 times a night before they fall asleep, he has the knowledge to help with homework which I can’t understand, even at 28 years of age. 

Since having Benjamin, and experiencing fatherhood from the beginning for the very first time, he’s been a natural at fatherhood. He takes Benjamin (and the other two kids) whenever I need him to and he allows me to carry this blog on. Without him I wouldn’t have the time or the energy to schedule 4-5 posts a week. I wouldn’t have the time to carefully prepare flat lays or take endless shots of what we ate that week. I wouldn’t have the time at the end of an already jam packed week to slot in some social media management, or answer comments on my blog. 

For the past six years (almost 3 of which I’ve been with him), Ed has been doing a maths degree alongside a full time job. On top of this he’s found time to be there for me and for the kids. He’s also been there for me, unquestioning and without any qualms during the worst times of my life. My depression and pregnancy hormones over the past 18 months have turned me into a complete bitch but he’s been here, unwavering, throughout. 

So today a simple card and DVD isn’t enough to show him how much we appreciate him and all he does for us. Today i wanted to write a post that didn’t just mention him in passing, but which hopefully let him know just how much he means to me, and to all three of our children, not just on ‘fathers day’ but on everyday, of every year. Thank you Ed for being a fantastic daddy, step daddy and husband to be. We love you very much. 

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