My Experience of the Mirena Coil – One Month In 

Two out of the three of my children have been conceived whilst on the pill, so you can imagine that after having Benjamin I didn’t really trust it as a form of contraception.

I looked into the other options, and the one I kept coming back to was the Mirena coil. My mum had it fitted around five years ago, and she has found it really good for her.

As with a lot of people who have had the mirena fitted, my mum’s periods stopped altogether, which I must admit is one of the things that attracted me to the coil in the first place, along with the promise of not being able to tell it was there, and that it lasted five years.

Benjamin is almost definitely our last baby (the fact that I can’t quite bring myself to say 100% definitely says something), but I’m only 27 and not ready to have anything permanent done in terms of my fertility just yet, so something that lasts a while and I don’t have to think about is perfect for us at this stage.

I came across some hurdles to overcome, as I was informed I would have to be taking the pill before the coil could be fitted. I wasn’t happy about this to be honest, and I asked around and found conflicting information about it. The general consensus was that it was to ensure I wasn’t pregnant when I went to have the coil fitted, but at the time I was only 2 months post partum and sex wasn’t high on our agenda. Also, as I explained, the pill held no reassurance for me against pregnancy…

After convincing the doctor I wasn’t pregnant, I was booked in for my coil fitting, over a month later… For someone who wanted it sorted as soon as possible, this wasn’t ideal, but the day finally came round and the fitting went really well.

I was nervous beforehand but I needn’t have been. The female doctor reassured me the process was quick and simple. I had my smear test done beforehand as I requested, and if I’m being honest, I barely felt the coil being inserted. The process really was over in seconds.

Afterwards I did feel a little faint and woozy. I was instructed to stay lying down for a few minutes, and I was glad to have Ed with me to help with Benjamin and to drive me home as I felt a bit out of it for the rest of the day. I had a mild cramp in my tummy but it was nothing major, and I pretty much forgot about it all by the following day.

I bled a slight amount, but it cleared up within a day and I felt very fortunate and relieved to have gotten away without the possible post fitting bleeding I had read about.

Around 5 days post fitting, Ed and I had sex, and it was fine. Ed said he might have felt it, but it definitely wasn’t going to be an issue. I was again, relieved.

The next day I bled a little. I wasn’t really shocked, I presumed that sex had maybe knocked the strings a little and it would die down. Instead it got a bit heavier as the days went on.

I was having to use towels (which I don’t usually use) because I was unsure whether I could use tampons. The blood loss was quite erratic. Some days it would be a fair amount, others it would barely be anything.

I looked into it and read that some initial bleeding was normal, and that it could go on for a while. I stupidly googled and found stories of women who bled constantly for 6 months after their coil was fitted (I am hoping this isn’t the case for me)!

It is now a month on from when my coil was fitted and I’m still in a weird limbo. Unlike a normal period, where at least you know roughly when it will stop, I have no idea when the bleeding will finish.

I have been constantly wearing pads for a month. This is not just affecting my confidence, at a time when it is already at an all time low, it is also costing a fair bit of money, and to be honest I’ve completely had enough.

I moved doctors surgeries just after having the coil fitted, due to our house move, so I haven’t been reminded to have a check up. I planned to book this for 6 weeks post fitting, as advised when I had it put in, but I think I will have to move this forward, as I need to put my mind to rest on the bleeding.

What frustrates me most is that I’ve never been one to suffer with bleeding before, my periods have always been fairly light and easy to manage. Now I am having cramps from time to time and totally erratic bleeding, sometimes fairly heavy, which is stopping me from enjoying myself.

Yes, the coil is doing wonders as a contraceptive, but at the moment that’s simply because Ed and I can’t have sex as I’m constantly bleeding!

I can’t complain about any other side effects, I am eating a fair bit and my weight is not going down, if anything it is slowly creeping up, but I can’t necessarily blame that on the coil as I’ve been a bit of a greedy cow.

I don’t mean for this post to put off those considering the coil. I honestly hope that things will die down and I’ll be able to appreciate the coil, but I wanted to share my experience so far.

Hopefully soon I will be able to post another update with something a little more positive, but for now, anyone considering the coil, ensure you research well and ask lots of questions beforehand. I feel like I may have jumped in a bit quickly to a decision based purely on my mum’s experiences, which isn’t advisable as every woman is different.

Do you have the mirena coil fitted? How has it been for you? Did you bleed for long after the fitting? 

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7 thoughts on “My Experience of the Mirena Coil – One Month In 

  1. Devon Mama

    This is really interesting because I’ve heard mixed things about the coil. I was tempted but your experience, and other similar ones, really puts me off. To be honest, I think I’d rather faff around with other contraceptives rather than deal with something more permanent that I don’t feel I’ve got control over! Thanks for sharing, hopefully it calms down soon!


  2. Debbie - Hello Deborah

    I hope it gets better for you soon. It’s not something I’ve ever considered and I didn’t realise it can take your period away altogether. The random bleeding would definitely put me off, which is why I stuck to the pill for 10 years before I was pregnant and just ran packs together.


  3. Georgina

    My MIL had an awful experience on the coil which ended up with her having a hysterectomy which has always put me off! I hope this gets sorted for you!


  4. Babies and Beauty

    This sounds very familiar as I had the similar experience with the injection. I decided to come off it after the three months of constant bleeding heavier than ever and just struck it off as something that didn’t work for me. I was told though that I could have had it too soon after having Noah so that may have been why. I hope it works out for you or you find something that does as it sounds like you’ve had an awful time 🙁


  5. Everything Mummy

    I find with all these things people either have a really positive experience from the off or a really bad one. I had the one in your arm and really hated it. Hope it settles down for you soon. xx


  6. Kirsty Dee

    oh no, hope it gets better soon xx


  7. Vicky

    I had the mirena coil fitted in 2012 age 32, a year after having my daughter, and at the same time had a smear.
    I had been on different pills before hand but wanted something that would hopefully stop my periods and that I wouldn’t have to think about and thought the mirena sounded perfect. After having it fitted I bleed for a few weeks and wasn’t feeling great, then I had my results from my smear back saying I had abnormal cells on my cervic. After having treatment for that and then a lot of heavy bleeding and feeling generally unwell I just put it down to what I had been through. A few years on my periods had completely stopped ( which was great) but still living with lots of pain all over my body,
    Feeling dizzy
    Panic attacks
    Hot flushes
    Feeling confused
    Stomach pains
    Weight gain
    total loss of sex drive
    the list could go on.
    After numerous visits to the dr they finally decided that I had fibromialgia and was given medication to treat it. Two years later and still feeling no better especially with my stomach and how swollen and bloated it was and after having numerous ex rays, ultra sounds and blood tests that all came back ok I insisted that I had the mirena removed. The dr tried to talk me out of it but I knew something wasn’t right and kept on so the dr agreed. After having the mirena removed ( which is another story in itself) I had to have more bloods taken. The results came back to reveal that my FSH levels were very high which means my ovaries are failing which means I’m in early menopause!! ( I’m only 37!) Beginning to wonder if the mirena could be the cause of why this could be happening, what with no family history of premenopause I decided to Google and to my horror found so many stories of women, many younger that me who haven’t had children yet were going through the same after having the mirena coil fitted! Young women in their 20s going through the menopause!! I truly do believe that it is due to the coil. I am having to go and see my gynaecologist next week to see about going on HRT which I’m trying to get my head round. I’m not trying to scare anyone and I understand that plenty of women have it without any problems but I would just like to advise that any women thinking about having the mirena coil, please do lots of research first and if you do decide to go ahead then good luck , I wish you all the best and hope your experience is better than mine. Xx


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