Mummy Mondays – Simple Hairstyles for Girls 

If you read last week’s post, you will have seen that I’m trying to up my hair game a little as I’ve seen how pretty Carly’s hair can look when a bit more effort has been made than a simple ponytail. 

So this week I’ve been having a go and have two styles that are relatively easy to recreate in a quick time, because with three minions to control of a morning, I don’t have time to be sat around for ages doing hair. 

The Plaited Up-Do 

For this one I simply separate a small amount of hair either side of Carly’s face, pull up the remaining hair into a ponytail on the top of her head, make a plait either side, tie the end of the plaits with a thin band, and then tie the ends of the plaits with the main pony into a loose bun with a fourth hair tie. 

Et voila, something pretty but simple and suitable for nursery. 

The Pretty Ballet Bun 

This one takes a little more effort but is still simple enough. For this you will need a hair bun. 

Tie hair up on the top of the head with the hair bun and then cover it over with the rest of the hair all around. Use a hair tie to hold the hair in place. 

I then used a big elasticated flower bracelet of mine to go around the base of the bun to tidy it up and this made the style even more feminine and dressed up. 

I finished it off by pulling her unruly fringe to one side. This style is more suited to a meal or other special occasion. 

Do you have any other simple child friendly hairstyles I can try? 

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7 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – Simple Hairstyles for Girls 

  1. Deb Sharratt

    I have boys – not going to be able to do this with their hair!


  2. The Amphletts

    Both styles really suit her! I’ve got a little boy, which is a relief as I’m useless with hair & definitely wouldn’t know what to do if I had a little girl


  3. katykicker

    Very cute hair! Love both of these styles. Simple but lovely.


  4. Jaymee Heaton

    I have boys! but I do have several nieces and these would look wonderful in their hair!


  5. ABlondeAndABaby

    Really sweet hairstyles! I keep putting Lily’s in to little high bunches but then twisting them round so they’re like two princess lea style top knots. Her hair is still a bit baby fluffy though so it still can look messy!


  6. Amy | All Things Amy

    So sweet! I have a little boy who’s due his first haircut soon.


  7. Everything Mummy

    cute cute cute, my go to hair styles for my girls are french plaits or bunches I think they’re adorable! xx


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