A Gift from the Heart – Going Homemade for Valentine’s

You may have guessed by now but I LOVE Valentine’s Day… Yes it’s totally over commercialised now, and yes it can be expensive, but only if you let it be. I don’t like spending money just for the sake of it, and I find that a lot of the gifts being sold are a little pointless, and not very thoughtful. Instead, I like to make my own gifts for Ed. 

Last year I made up 52 reasons I love him using a pack of cards, and this year I have made a Star Wars themed gift. Ed loves Star Wars, Ed loves Lego… so what better gift than one that includes both? Ed and I love each other a lot but we also tease each other a lot so the quote from Star Wars is perfect for us. 

I came across the idea whilst scrolling the internet during a night feed but didn’t like the idea of spending £20 so instead I bought what I needed to make it myself, and I’m pretty proud of the result. 

If you also have a Star Wars/Lego obsessed other half and want to give it a go yourself, this is what you need :- 

-Box frame – £3.30 Wilkos  

-Princess Leia and Han Solo Lego mini figures – £3.29 each Ebay 

 Plus superglue, paper and a printer 

Ta-Dah! Super simple but totally cute Valentine’s gift for under £10. 

P.S I know it’s usually the other way round but in the film before last (don’t ask me what it’s called, force awakens?!) it’s actually Han Solo who says I love you and Princess Leia who says I know…. 


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