Beauty – My New No7 Skincare Regime 

Christmas already feels like a distant memory. Fortunately the long ass month of January is also over and now we are into February I figured it was probably time I started taking care of my skin in preparation for the wedding.

I got the no7 skincare set for Christmas. I love the box – so glittery. Inside was the hot cloth cleanser (which I’ve used before and loved) along with a muslin cloth, the protect and perfect day, night and eye cream and a facial oil.

The oil was what I was most looking forward to trialling as I’ve never used a facial oil before. I know, shock horror, but I’ve been firmly in the camp believing you shouldn’t put something oily on your face as surely it would cause greasy skin?

My skincare regime previously has consisted of soaking a cotton pad with miscellar water and rubbing my makeup away whilst lying in bed at night (Ed hates it as I have a bad habit of slinging the dirty pads across the room to be found the next morning).

The first thing I changed was the location for my regime. I now force myself out of bed and into the bathroom to remove my makeup and cleanse and moisturise my skin.

Following miscellar water, I now use the hot cloth cleanser every few days for an extra treat for my skin, and when I need to take a few minutes to relax and unwind. The cleanser is simply applied to the face and then you ensure the provided muslin is nice and hot by running it under the hot tap before placing it on your face and lying down. The heat of the cloth helps the cleanser work its magic and, after a few minutes, you simply buff the cleanser away with the cloth. After a couple of uses of this my skin already feels so much softer. I remember why I loved it before!

After cleansing, I use the facial oil. Just a couple of drops go far so don’t go shoving too much on. The oil soaks in really easily and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin as I imagined it would. Again, I’ve used this for only around 7 days and my skin looks fresher. It makes me feel like I’m really pampering myself using it too, which can’t be bad!

After the oil I generally just dab some eye cream on – not noticed too much of a difference to them yet, but as I’m nearing the big 3-0 I should really take care of them more than I have been.

The night cream goes on last and I relax into bed with a face that smells pretty good (although Ed did enquire ‘what on earth’ that smell was the first night, so maybe it’s more of an acquired taste).

All of the products can be bought from the no7 range in boots so don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get the gift set – although I do really love that glittery box…

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5 thoughts on “Beauty – My New No7 Skincare Regime 

  1. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    I’ve never used a facial oil either. That set looks lovely


  2. countryheartdeb

    oh i love the look of this! I tend to mix my products and love serum but need to get into a proper routine!


  3. Becky wilkinson

    This set is so pretty, I need a new skin care routine I might give these a try. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. ABlondeAndABaby

    Totally agree about the facial oil thing before but this set looks so nice and like you can give your face a good pamper each night! Will be going on my wish list!


  5. Emily and Indiana

    Ooh such a pretty box, can’t beat some glitter! I don’t really have much of skin care regime, but this set looks fab x


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