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•Complimentary treatment•

A few months ago I went along to an event at the Smart Skin Salon in Charminster with the Bournemouth Bloggers. On the night, we were treated to some plant based food snacks from Holy Cow and given some further information about the services available at the salon ranging from simple beauty treatments such as waxing to chemical peels and laser hair removal.

The salon owner Marta was so lovely and down to earth, happy to answer any questions we had and offering us a complimentary skin analysis and follow up treatment to suit our individual needs. She explained the optimum seasons to undertake certain peels, and really knew her stuff when it came to skincare and products.

On the night, Marta demonstrated one of the treatments on Sanja, and it was really interesting to see from this perspective. I had a peel previously and found it a little uncomfortable, with my skin peeling a fair amount afterwards. The peel that we saw on the night didn’t leave any redness or residue and Sanja confirmed it was completely painless and a pleasant experience (despite the cameras going off in her face from us bloggers!).

I recently went back to the salon for my skin analysis, which was a little shocking, as my skin was pretty dehydrated and showing signs of ageing. Marta was brilliant at recommending how I could build the moisture back up in my skin, and what type of products I should be using in my skincare regime including a specific eye cream rather than just a night cream, and a serum to increase moisture.

I went along to the salon for a third time last week for my facial, based on my skin’s needs. Marta focused on extracting blackheads and then applied a mild chemical peel to refresh and revive my face and boost hydration, plumping up the skin. The treatment room is so peaceful and tranquil and Marta explained what she was doing at each step, helping to ease my mind. I almost fell asleep when she left a mask on my face, the bed was comfy and the background music leading to that ultimate spa experience.

My skin didn’t peel and yet within a few days, the results were fantastic. My face looked plumper, hydrated and was soft and supple to the touch. I felt like I had a glow, and my confidence increased when I was out without makeup. I think as I get older, I do need to prioritise my skin, and having treatments like this will help to treat my skin and give it a boost alongside using products in my everyday skincare regime.

I was provided with a complimentary treatment, however all words and images are my own. 

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