Beauty – The Recipe for a Perfect ‘Parent’ Pamper

I am a typical ‘girly’ girl when it comes to most things but, ever since becoming a mum, I’ve found spending time taking care of myself a little hard. I don’t often have the time to properly pamper myself, and even when I do I struggle to relax and enjoy it. I do think it’s important to still spend time on you after having children, so this is how I *attempt* to relax and unwind after a long day, week, or 30 minutes of Benjamin crying…. 

A Bath 

I have never been a bath person, much preferring the quick and easy shower option. However, when it comes to pampering, a blast in the shower just won’t cut it. I tend to make my bath nice and hot so that it lasts for as long as possible before I get uncomfortable and end up getting out. I’ve never really used Lush products before because of my sensitive skin, however, I recently got a couple of bath bombs for Christmas so I had my first ever Lush bath and I must admit, it was fairly magical. I loved that the bath turned sparkly, and the tiny perfectly formed gold stars that materialised! 


Even my six year old son knows you need candles to relax. He very sweetly gave me a bath set for Christmas which included a candle in a holder, as he said he wanted me to be happy in the bath. Bathing by candlelight is so much nicer than under that big fluorescent bathroom light, and more flattering on your wobbly bits too.


By all means don’t get drunk. Water and alcohol generally don’t mix very well. But, if it’s been particularly stressful, a nice cold glass of Prosecco or white wine goes very nicely alongside a nice bubbly bath. Grab some chocolate as well and go all out. 

Face Mask 

I’m a big fan of face masks and often opt for the peel off variety just because they’re less messy. However, I used a sanctuary spa thermal detox one the other day and my word, I’m a convert! I’ve not used warming ones before as I somehow thought they would burn my face or feel too uncomfortable but actually, the sensation was really pleasant, and my skin definitely felt softer afterwards. If you don’t fancy a face mask, why not opt for a sheet mask instead? They look a bit scary, but they are sooooo good at making your skin feel hydrated and really nourished. 


If there is one sure thing that can help lift my mood after a stressful day it’s blasting out 80s music on my iPhone. I usually shove on Come on Eileen on YouTube and just let the auto play do its thing… 

Body Oil 

After a bath there is nothing better than lathering yourself up with body oil and putting on fresh pjs and bed socks (yes, I know I’ve just made myself sound like a 90 year old, but I’m not even sorry). 

Body Butter 

I tend to shove as much cream as possible on my feet before putting the socks on, and when I take them off my feet feel all soft. 


Not strictly something you would usually use during a pamper session, but I’ve found spritzing on some perfume after a bath can help me feel sexy and good about myself all night. Worth a shot if you’re having a day when you feel about as sexually appealing as a slug, right? 

A Book

So reading in the bath never goes well for me, I always worry that I’ll drop the book in the water, or I can’t get in a comfortable reading position. I do like to follow a bath with a good book though. Shut off social media for awhile and relax and unwind with some bedtime reading. 

Do you find it hard to spend time pampering yourself as a parent? What do you use to really feel pampered? 

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6 thoughts on “Beauty – The Recipe for a Perfect ‘Parent’ Pamper

  1. ABlondeAndABaby

    Sounds like the perfect mum friendly way to have a pamper! I really should start doing this more myself!


  2. nomipalony

    I have zero time to pamper myself these days but it’s a lovely thought!


  3. theamphletts

    I’d love to find more time to stop, relax & pamper myself but it seems so much harder now I’m a mama. I love a good book, scented candle & large glass of wine, but if I have the time I sneak off to get my nails done as a little indulgence.


  4. Something About Baby

    These are such good ideas to have a quick mum pamper! I used to hate baths but since having the baby I know it’s a great easy to get just 30 minutes of pamper time. I haven’t had one for months though so definitely overdue!


  5. aliceyoung8

    It’s totally hard to find time for yourself. I try to have a relaxing bath each sunday evening to start the week on a fresh 🙂


  6. thelittlestdarlingsblog

    Love a mum pamper!!!! I now desperately want a bath!


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