My Monthly Plans – February 

Phew, what always feels like the longest month ever is finally over! 

Yesterday was my sister-in-law’s due date so I am incredibly excited to see when baby arrives (in fact, my other sister-in-law is only due in a matter of days now too!).  

I know some people choose not to go in on Valentine’s Day traditions, but I personally love the whole thing and can’t wait to find out what Ed has planned for my surprise this year! 

4th February – Sister’s Birthday Drinks 

My sister’s started taking after me and celebrating her birthday over several days rather than just one (ok, we can forgive her as it is her 21st – she makes me feel so old!). The celebrations kick off on Saturday with drinks in town (so going to collapse in a heap after two glasses of wine). 

5th February – Sister’s Birthday Bowling & Meal 

Next up is the family celebrations with bowling and a meal in one of our favourite restaurants – Banana Wharf. I’m so having the Fajitas followed by chocolate crepes (like I do every time we visit)! 

6th February – Sister’s Actual Birthday 

I’m not sure what her plans are just yet but I’m most likely going to see my sister at some point on her actual birthday. 

11th February – Catch up with Work Friends 

I’m so looking forward to catching up with my work friends. The last time I saw Louise was at my baby shower, so lots to chat about, and Christina works at my current workplace so it’ll be nice to see how things are there too. 

14th February – Valentine’s Day! 
As I’ve said, I know it’s not for everyone, but Ed has started a tradition where he surprises me with an activity each Valentine’s Day. First was horse riding and last year it was a shooting range, which was actually really fun. I’m a little nervous as to what this year will bring but fingers crossed I like it! We don’t go in for big gifts but I have a card for him and I’m going to be cooking something up in the evening too. 

16th February – Brother’s birthday Meal

Expensive month for birthdays in my family! My youngest brother Daniel turns 22 this year and we will be heading to another of our favourite places to eat – The Shah of Persia (which despite the name, actually serves pub food). 

17th-19th February – Trip to County Durham to meet my baby niece! 

Eek! I cannot wait. This was the most sensible time to visit but it does mean that if Becky goes into labour anytime in the next couple of days I’ll be itching to drive up there sooner! Still, baby will only be a couple of weeks old at most, which is still nice and ickle for auntie Emma cuddles (can you tell this is my first baby niece to be born)! 

23rd February – Ed’s Stag Weekend in Latvia 

Totally not jealous at all that Ed is jetting off abroad for his stag do and I get to stay in rainy old England for the weekend… sad face. 

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2 thoughts on “My Monthly Plans – February 

  1. Kirsty Dee

    You’ll have another February plan soon 😛


  2. Rachel

    I love February…my birthday is the 20th 😀


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