What’s in my Sanctuary Advent Calendar? #2 

You may have seen my previous post showing what was in my Sanctuary Advent Calendar for week 1 of advent. This is what I got for the second week: 

Day 8 – Sleep mask 

Day 9 – Foaming Creamy Bath Soak 

Day 10 – Nail File 

Day 11 – Luxurious Body Butter 

Day 12 – Tea Light Candle 

Day 13 – Thermal Detox Mask 

Day 14 – Nail Seperators 
I love the detox mask and am going to sit and have a pamper with it this weekend. I also love the nail separators – I don’t think I’ve had any since I was a teenager but they are brilliant for doing pedicures in a hurry. 

I’m so excited to open the last week and a bit of my Sanctuary Advent Calendar! 

Do you have a beauty advent calendar? What’s been your favourite product so far? 

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