Beauty – A Merry YSL Christmas

I’ve never really been one for expensive makeup brands. I tend to stick to the low to mid end range with a mix of Rimmel, Maybelleine and Bourjois (as you’ll have seen from my previous beauty blog posts). My most expensive makeup item to date has probably been the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 (I also have the naked3 but don’t really rate it much). 
Recently I had a rare moment of splurging and decided to treat myself to the YSL Primer and infamous Touché Eclat. After some serious post shopping guilt I decided it would be much better if Ed were to give them to me as part of my Christmas present (please tell me other people do this!) so they are now all safely wrapped up and ready for me to open on Christmas morning (although not before I took some quick shots for this post). 

As a mum of three including a newborn, sleep is pretty much non existent for me right now and my under eye circles are really starting to show. I’m hoping that this famed under eye concealer will help combat the dark circles and help me look more awake. I tested the primer on the back of my hand in Boots and it looks amazing. It’s so soft and silky and the gold flecks really help to brighten so I’m expecting good things from this primer! 

Since my lust have perfume is also YSL (the gorgeous Mon Paris – seriously, smell it, it’s my new favourite), I see myself adding a lot more of their products to my wish lists in 2017…. 

Do you have any YSL products you would recommend? 


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