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I’ve done a post like this before but, seeing as things have changed a fair bit since changing job, moving in with Ed and finding out I was pregnant, I figured I would do another post. I am very nosy by nature and love to read about other people’s day to day lives so here’s for anyone like me who fancies a nose into a typical day for me. 

6.50am my first alarm goes off and I turn it off, safe in the knowledge that a second alarm is scheduled for ten minutes later. 

7.00am The second alarm sounds and I grab my phone, turn off the alarm and scan my emails and social media pages. I also have a quick play on my family guy and Simpsons games (yes, I’m a total loser, blame Ed, he got me into the family guy one)

7.05am I get up and go get a shower before joining Ed in the kitchen, where he has been up and about for the past half hour or so. He finishes his breakfast as I make a start on the children’s’ – toast and a Jaffa cake (very nutritious). 

7.15am I take the children their breakfast, open their curtains and generally try and get them to wake up. I then go back down to do my breakfast – currently a bacon roll 

7.25am I head back upstairs to eat breakfast, checking the children have at least woken up by now. After eating I do my make up and get dressed. 
7.35am In a blind panic I realise we only have ten minutes left. I go into the children and see they’ve only half eaten their toast. I get them dressed (Cameron can do it himself but rarely does as he says he doesn’t want to go to school). 
7.45am It’s the time we are meant to leave the house and the children both suddenly need the toilet, haven’t got their shoes on and I realise Carly’s hair isn’t done. Panic continues. 
7.50am We all get in the car and I start the 25 minute commute to Carly’s nursery. I take the back roads to avoid the built up traffic but it’s still hit and miss whether we will make it on time. Just one jam can make us very late. I really cannot wait until we move back over to the area the nursery and school are in. 

8.15am I take Carly into nursery and head back to the car to take Cameron to school, a few minutes drive away. On Mondays, sometimes I’ve forgotten to do his homework with him and I actually sit and do it with him in the car before school *hangs head in shame*. 

8.30am The school gates open at 8.30 and Cameron is straight in so I can get back to my car for the additional 25 minute commute to central Bournemouth for work (3 days a week my mum takes the children to school and nursery, which is a huge help and means a less frantic dash to work). 

9am I get to work and spend my 5 hours answering calls, sending emails, doing paperwork and conducting show rounds (I work in events for a hotel). 
12pm I don’t have a lunch break as such but I eat a cheese and tomato roll at my desk followed by a Twix (damn pregnancy hormones). 
2pm I finish work and head back to my car to get over to the nursery for 2.45 to pick up Carly. I usually manage to get there 10 minutes early as traffic isn’t too bad so I check my emails and have another cheeky play on the games on my phone
2.45pm After picking up Carly we head over to the school for Cameron. We wait around for 10 minutes or so. Carly usually uses this time to steal my apple.

3.10pm Cameron picked up, we head back home. It’s another half an hour before we get back, the commute means I feel like I’m constantly driving. 

3.45pm The children have a snack and watch some TV, usually Paw Patrol, they’re latest obsession. They pretend to be the pups whilst I have a sit down. I’m usually exhausted by this point in the day. Pregnancy sucks sometimes. 

4.30pm I put the children’s dinner in the oven and make a start on the prep for mine and Ed’s. The children are fussy and usually end up eating something that I would be ashamed to post on Instagram. They follow up their dinner with a rocket lolly, they love them. 
5.15pm On bath nights I usually try and get the children bathed and ready for bed before Ed gets in from work. This means a frantic rush to wash them and simultaneously cook our dinner. The children refuse to bath at the same time so Cameron goes first and then Carly. They both hate having their hair washed so it’s quite a stressful experience, especially now bending down is getting harder. If I manage to complete bath time and have dinner ready by 5.45pm I feel like superwoman

5.45 With the kids in their PJs and dinner ready, Ed arrives home from work and we sit down to eat dinner together. The kids either go to their room to watch a film in bed or we all sit down to watch something like Simpsons together. 

6.15pm Most nights Ed has a martial arts class and leaves again after half an hour of being home. With the kids in bed watching a film, I have my own shower and sit down in front of the TV going on social media or blogging. I’m exhausted and quite often end up napping. Sometimes the kids and I will watch a film together or play a game. 

7.30pm The kids go to sleep around this time each night. I generally read them a story and then give them a cuddle beforehand. Once they’re asleep I’ll usually watch a film or episodes of Friends whilst I wait for Ed to come home.

9pm Ed and I watch a film or tv show before bed. We usually end up with a snack as well. Too often we stay up late watching Family Guy or American Dad when we should be asleep. 

11pm Generally I give up and go to sleep around 11. Sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. Too often lately I go to bed so shattered that I’m out like a light within a second of my head hitting the pillow. Before closing my eyes I always put my phone on charge and set my alarm so I can start the next day all over again. 

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