Monday Musings – The Pregnancy ‘Glow’ Lie 

If you’ve ever watched What to Expect When You’re Expecting you’ll remember the scene in it where the pregnant woman breaks down during her speech at an event. She talks about all the negative sides of pregnancy, the ones people tend not to discuss and she calls ‘bullshit’ on the pregnancy glow. I am that woman. Pregnancy, it turns out, does not agree with me. 

During labour with Carly – love me some gas and air!

I know I should be grateful I can have children, and I am, I really and truly am. It doesn’t mean I have to enjoy this stage, the pregnancy stage, before the part where I get to actually meet my bundle of joy for the first time. I recently read The Unmumsy Mum book and it completely resonated with me. The thing is, so many people are scared to reveal the hard parts of pregnancy, and indeed afterwards when the baby is born as well, that it makes you feel as if something is very wrong when you aren’t physically glowing and finding pregnancy a bed of roses.

Pregnancy is pretty damn hard. At the end of the day, you’re growing a human inside of you for roughly 9 months. You give up things you may love (luckily for me I’m not keen on most of these things but dear lord I miss my glass of wine and or Prosecco every so often). You grow out of your favourite clothes and anything you do wear is sure to make you look frumpy and unattractive. You may, like me, find your face covered in spots, have stretch marks all over your body and have mood swings to rival any you experienced during periods. 

I know some people do have lovely experiences with pregnancy. I wish I did. My pregnancies have generally been fairly smooth sailing and I am, again, grateful for this. I just wish that I could have the bloody glow rather than these damn spots! And in the meantime, roll on October and being back in normal clothes with a cheeky glass of Prosecco to toast the new addition to our family… 

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