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I was round a friend’s house this week and we were discussing YouTubing and blogging and how the key is to be consistent and that the way to help you along is to have a regular topic or post to keep you on track. As I mentioned recently, I’ve lacked motivation and felt a bit of a block when it’s come to blogging for awhile now and so I thought that bringing in some regular weekly and monthly posts would help me to get back into the swing of things and keep posting content. So, without further ado, I introduce my regular posts:


Monday Musings – As the title suggests, this will be a diary style post. It could be something motivational to start the week off or it could be some deep thoughts I have that day.

Wedding Wednesday – I love, love, love weddings so this is my most exciting topic. I will potentially start a new wedding blog at some point but for now, I will keep my posts to once a week. These will cover not only my own plans but also tips and tricks for planning a wedding and even interviews with wedding suppliers to bring more inside knowledge to others currently planning their weddings

Throwback Thursday – Who doesn’t love a good look back at the past? This won’t just be old photos with dodgy fringes, but also some more serious topics about things from my past including coping with depression in my teens, my time at university and past relationships and what they’ve taught me

Foodie Friday – I LOVE food. You may have noticed. I don’t pretend to be a masterchef, in fact I am usually quite crap at cooking. However, I do love eating and am lucky enough to have a fiancé who can in fact cook. This will be photos of foods I have eaten, foods I want/need to eat and easy to follow recipes

Sunday Summary – I have recorded one video blog/ YouTube video so far. This summary will be via video and posted to YouTube to get me used to speaking on camera. As you would imagine, it is simply a chance to round up my week

Cuddles with Carly & Catch up with Cameron – These new monthly posts are something that I did on my last blog when I just had Cameron as a baby. I think it’s nice to keep up to date on the children without bombarding the blog with paw patrol and wobbly teeth.

I will also be keeping up with my Pregnancy Diary every fortnight and my Monthly Plans.

I hope you will find something in my new posts that you enjoy! If there are any specific topics you would be interested in me covering then please let me know.


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