Product Review: Neals Yard Lipgloss in Peach 

I will be totally honest here, although I know I should educate myself more in natural beauty products, I just don’t have the time or the passion to look into it. 

Luckily I have my best friend Kirsty to do it for me. Having worked as a fitness instructor previously, Kirsty started up with Neals Yard over a year ago now and she’s brilliant at helping me understand the power of natural. 

I saw this lipgloss on Kirsty’s page a few days ago and it caught my eye as it’s a nice natural shade, perfect to wear over my neutral lipstick for work, and it also has a lovely subtle orange flavour to it. Because it’s natural, I had no worries about it causing a reaction to my sensitive skin, and at around £6 it’s also not going to break the bank. 

 I took a couple of photos of myself wearing the lip gloss but no matter how many times I tried to pose, I looked awful so, sorry for that… Basically, if you’re looking for a nice, feminine nude gloss that isn’t going to break the bank, I would definitely suggest trying this. I love it.  

yes, I look a bit like a pornstar

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