Thoughts I have During Piyo 

So today marked my first Tuesday night Piyo session back since a few weeks before Christmas. I’ve been so busy with work that fitness has taken a bit of a backseat but I really want to change that. Being a naturally active minded person, however, I find it hard to switch off even when I’m meant to be focusing in class. I find my mind wonders and I tend to think the same sort of things… 

*warning- look away now if you don’t like the word fart* 

1. Oh my god, I hope I don’t fart… 

2. How bad would it be if I did fart… Loudly… Everyone would turn and look 

3. I wish I had time to eat before class… I’m so hungry 

4. Every time I look at the instructor I feel like I shouldn’t make eye contact… 

5. Oh my god these positions make the urge to fart strong 

6. I wonder if anyone else is fighting the urge to fart 

7. I’m actually pretty good at this 

8. Oh no, more planks… 

9. I wish I had her body, she looks amazing

10. I need to do the packed lunches when I get in

11. *run through of that day at work* 

12. Damn it, I forgot to *insert random job at work* 

13. Mmmm I can’t wait until dinner.. 

14. I wish I had time to go to the gym more often. I bet I could look like her if I went to the gym more often 

15. This class is taking forever tonight 

16. I wish I was more flexible 

17. Can’t. Stop. Yawning. 

18. Ahhhh nearly at the ab work

19. Love this song! 

20. Phew, all over 

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One thought on “Thoughts I have During Piyo 

  1. sunnieko21

    I’ve never done Piyo but this is fabulous. I have almost the exact same thoughts during my runs…check it out!

    Especially 13 and 20!


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