10 Little Things You Take for Granted Before Becoming a Mum

When I was pregnant with Cameron I had the usual ‘helpful’ advice from others. “Stock up on sleep now because you won’t get any for years once they’re born” and “Try and enjoy your pregnancy, this is the calm before the storm”. What nobody actually prepared me for was the normal everyday things that you take for granted before having kids, that suddenly feel like total luxuries as a parent. So, being the nice person I am, I thought I would share them… 

1. Going to the toilet in peace 

I don’t actually remember the last time I managed to go to the toilet without interruption whilst my children were in the same building as me. Whether it’s at home when they either walk right in or bang on the door to be let in, or worse, in a public toilet when the threat is very real that they will open the door and expose you to the world with your knickers down, either way it isn’t fun and I wish I had appreciated my pre-kid pee trips more whilst they lasted 

2. Doing the food shop 

Being able to do the food shopping sans kids is a total treat for me. It takes me half the time as I don’t have the children asking for things constantly or demanding they eat the entire contents of the trolley on the way round the shop. Plus, the time I’ve saved allows me time to browse the clothes, toys, homeware and magazine sections for a little ‘me time’ 

3. Eating a meal 

If the children are still up when I have my dinner it is inevitable they will want some of what is on my plate. Items they would never eat if I had served to them they suddenly see as something amazing that they must have in their bellies. For the rare occasions they don’t like the look of what I have, they will ask for something else, usually a cut up apple or juice, meaning my dinner goes cold. Breakfast isn’t safe either. No matter how much food they have themselves, mummy’s scrambled egg on toast always looks more appetising 

4. A lie in 

A lie in for me involves being woken up at 7am but being able to stay in bed for another hour listening to the children as they watch CBeebies and argue over toast. I wish I had appreciated the times when I could stay in bed for most of the day on a weekend, only venturing out of the cosy covers when I needed food or the toilet 

5. Getting out the house quickly 

Leaving the house as a mum is a military operation. You’ve got to dress and feed more than one person for a start. Plus inevitably there will be some disaster prior to getting to that front door which will derail your carefully made plans. I must admit it’s become a bit easier since both children have come out of nappies and can now at least walk themselves out the front door. Getting out of the house with a newborn is near impossible

6. Relaxing 

Kids have some kind of radar that alerts them when their mum is sitting down. I’ve given up trying to read or blog whilst they are around as it’s just too difficult. These kids can hear a chocolate bar being unwrapped from the next room. They will ask for cut up apples/juice/Jaffa cakes if you even show the slightest sign of relaxing 

7. Spending money on yourself 

I have really struggled since having the children to spend money on myself. Whenever I go shopping with the plan of getting myself something I find it near impossible and almost always end up buying something for the children. I envy the people who can walk into a shop and buy themselves that beautiful bag they had their eye on

8. Quiet 

“Mummmmmmmy”…. “Mummmmmy” “mummy Cameron hurt me….” “Mummmmmmy can you get me some juice please?” “Mummy, why aren’t you talking to me?” 

9. Grown up TV 

Sometimes it’s just easier to give in and watch CBeebies than it is so try and catch up on anything you want to watch 

10. Alone time 

Fitting in time for Ed and I to be a couple is sometimes challenging. Planning a date night involves more than making a reservation. Even watching a film snuggled up on the sofa can be tricky if one of the kids decides they can’t sleep 

Despite all of this, I wouldn’t change things. Having children is sometimes challenging but its also very rewarding. I just wish I had realised back then how much of a privilege a child-free food shop was…  

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