10 Things that Instantly Improve my Mood

I will come out and admit it. I am not a cheerful person a lot of the time. I tend to let things stress me out more than they should and, probably not helped by the fact I have two young children to contend with, I am often highly strung. For this reason, it is necessary for me to have found a selection of activities, treats and programmes which instantly turn my frown upside down.


  1. Friends- I absolutely love Friends. I am one of those sad people who can quote entire scenes from the show and can relate nearly everything that happens to me in real life back to an episode of Friends. I even managed to do so in my appraisal at work recently, oops. If anything is getting me down and I need cheering up fast, Friends is the first thing I turn to. Luckily I own the box set, but Ed also has Sky so I can pretty much watch an episode whenever I want.
  2. Don’t tell the Bride – So I have a confession to make, I may or may not have applied to be on this show. Luckily we didn’t make it through, I mean can you imagine how hard I would find it handing over the wedding plans to Ed? I absolutely love all things wedding, especially now I am planning my own, and this show is brilliant to kick back and relax in front of.
  3. Fresh Bedding & Clean PJs – This is such a childish thing to admit to, but there is nothing better than the feeling of slipping into fresh warm pjs and a clean, freshly made bed. Heaven on earth, and the perfect setting for my Friends marathon…
  4. Green & Blacks Butterscotch – I cannot believe I only discovered this King of chocolate this year. It is the perfect treat, unfortunately one I treat myself to way too much, and can instantly fill me with happiness (at least until I step on the scales).
  5. Sauvignon Blanc – but it must be from New Zealand – I used to be a Rose girl. It didn’t really matter which Rose, I would tend to find the one on offer and go for that, although occasionally I would stick to White Zinfandel, such a girl. I was quite happy living in my rose tinted bubble, see what I did there. Enter Ed. Ed is a wine snob. For my birthday he took me to a wine tasting. The result. I completely went off my beloved pink stuff and instead I now have a new particular favourite, which is costing me at least £3 more a bottle.. I do love this cute mini version though!

wine6. Wedding Ideas magazine – Ever since I got engaged this has been my go to magazine. It is not actually that relevant to me as we will be getting married abroad but it is still something I love to immerse myself in.

7. Blogging- nothing beats a good blogging session. I miss having the time to blog regularly but having a full time job, two kids and a mission to tone up at the gym doesn’t really leave a whole lot of writing time. There is something so relaxing about getting your thoughts down in black and white that totally frees your mind up.

8. Getting my tan on – I am totally against sunbeds and would never use one and I have never had a spray tan in my life because erm, paper pants, no thanks. But I love grabbing my St Moriz and tan mitt and making myself feel like a bronzed goddess. Might have to hold off for a bit though having just purchased brand new white bed sheets…

9. A good book -As with blogging, I don’t find much time to read. When I do though I totally go to town on that book. I really immerse myself into the story. I particularly love Stephen King’s books.

10. Cuddles with my favourite people – At the end of the day, no matter how much they may have annoyed me or stressed me out, nothing can compete with a cuddle from my kids and Ed. Love them to bits.


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