Buying Our First Home

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I’ve spoken briefly about the fact that we are in the process of buying our first home together, but I thought it was about time for an update. We have now put in an offer, which has been accepted, on a property that is in need of modernisation. Although the idea of extensive work scares me a little, and is definitely stressful, I am also really excited to be able to properly make the house our own in the process. We are now in the mortgage application stage, but have had another viewing to see what work we will be prioritising if everything goes to plan and we are able to complete on the house.


The main thing we need to do is to convert the kitchen and dining room into one open-plan room. At the moment, the kitchen is quite narrow and not a great space for cooking in. Ed has always wanted a big kitchen as he loves to cook and would like a more sociable space for entertaining guests, so it makes sense to convert the two rooms into one. The kitchen needs a complete renovation as well, so it will be one of the biggest jobs to complete. Ed and I discussed flooring for this room and agreed that something like Cheap Vinyl Flooring would be the best option, to keep costs low and easy to maintain.

Redecorate the Downstairs Toilet

The other room which is in need of modernisation is the downstairs toilet, which is extremely floral (it has floral wallpaper, curtains and even a retro soap dispenser)! I actually quite like how kitsch it is, but on the other hand, it just wouldn’t go with the overall look of the house once we decorate to our taste, so it’s got to go!


The one thing I am not that keen on with the house, and that I’ve definitely compromised on, is that it doesn’t have a driveway, something we have become accustomed to having over the past few years. As a family of five, we have a big car, and I get stressed if I can’t park outside the house, so we will be knocking down the front wall and applying to have the curb dropped, so that we can guarantee parking at the front of the house.

Loft Extension

I don’t actually think we will be able to afford a loft conversion straight away, although it would be so much better if we could, but it is definitely in the long term plan as we need a four bed, and the house is a three bed, as it wasn’t in our budget for more bedrooms. Eventually the plan is for Cameron to have a room in the loft, with an en-suite bathroom, and then the other two children can have their own rooms as well. We will probably need to start off with the boys sharing though, as they are currently. It will be something we price up, however, as it is definitely something we need to stay in the house long terms

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