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I mentioned recently that Ed and I had been looking at houses to buy, and it has definitely made me realise that we may have a bit of redecorating and potential renovation to carry out on the properties in our budget. Although I have my heart set on some home decor, we won’t necessarily be working with a very high budget to carry out any work and decorating, at least to begin with. If you are planning to restyle your home on a budget, these are some areas you might be able to cut costs on, without compromising on style.

Alternatives to Real Wood Flooring

If, like me, you love the look of wood flooring, but you aren’t sure about the cost, a more budget friendly option is engineered-wood flooring, which is generally available at a cheaper cost, whilst being a stylish alternative to carpeted floors. There are so many different styles to choose from these days, you can go for something which fits the rest of the house, or opt for something a little different to make a statement.

Upcycle Furniture

You may be looking at the price of new furniture and fretting about the cost. Look at what you already have and consider up-cycling certain pieces to cut costs and create your own unique style in the home. Some examples of upcycled furniture are dining room chairs, tv units, kitchen cabinets and dressing tables.

Reinstate Existing Features

If you have an older property, it might be tempting to rip out old features and create a clean slate, however I would heavily advise reinstating some of the existing features, to not only save money but to also create a fantastic focal point in a room. One of the best examples of this is fireplaces, which can look incredible once they have been reinstated and freshened up.

Get Handy with a Paint Brush

Obviously painting the entire house can end up quite costly, and may not be necessary, depending on the condition it is in to start with, but even freshening up a couple of walls, painting the outside of the building, or even repainting a wooden front door can really help to transform your home without getting into debt.

Install a Skylight

One of the easiest ways to alter the atmosphere in a room is to bring in more light. Installing a skylight is actually not as expensive as I would have thought, and can really improve a previously dark and dingy room in the house.

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