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A wedding day is a very special event, especially if you are the bride or the groom. Often the happy couple can spend months, or even years preparing for the big day – if you prefer to plan in advance. One such sub-category that requires some planning is the jewellery element of the day. There is one thing to decide between an antique engagement ring  and a more modern contemporary piece. But you also have to think about your bridesmaids’ jewellery? Today, we will be exploring the different options you have when deciding what to do about the bridesmaid’s jewellery.

A great option is to match bridesmaid’s jewellery to the Bride’s jewellery. This can contribute to a really conducive theme that flows seamlessly through the whole day.

You don’t have to necessarily choose items that match exactly, or that are obviously matching. Some brides prefer to have something slightly different in order to stand out even more, however you could all still wear the same type of jewellery. An example of this might be that you all wear drop chandelier earrings, or a stunning tennis bracelet. These can be subtle ways of matching jewellery in order to keep with your theme, without being overtly the exact same pieces.

Another gorgeous way of matching the bridesmaids’ jewellery to the Bride’s is by making an event of it. Either by choosing the jewellery together, so that everyone feels comfortable sporting some statement earrings or by gifting the Bridesmaid’s their jewellery which is to be worn on your Wedding Day. If you choose the latter, it means that the Bridesmaids have a lovely memento of the day, as well as keeping to the matching theme.

If you are leaning towards more of a do-it-yourself theme, which has definitely been trending in recent years (I think we should thank Pinterest for that), then how about you have a jewellery making event for you and your bridesmaids. There are many jewellery companies out there who will organise the event for you. Or you could gather materials yourself: beads, links, chains, etc. to create a truly unique crafting event for you and your best gals. That way there will be a running, matching theme due to the same materials being used. Also the event (however it is organised) will be a lovely bonding activity for you and your bridesmaids.

Let Them Choose

Sometimes matching Bridesmaids’ jewellery to the Bride’s jewellery just doesn’t work for your big day. It might be that not everyone has their ears pierced, or that they simply don’t like wearing jewellery at all. So how about letting them choose.

You can still keep some control over the jewellery your bridesmaid’s choose, if that’s your concern. You could ask them to choose a pair of earrings to wear for the wedding. They’ll feel more comfortable choosing something they like, but are also sticking with an overall jewellery theme.

By letting your bridesmaids choose, you are letting more than just your own personality into your day. You’ve chosen your bridesmaids because they are important to you in some way, therefore it might be nice for them to insert some of their own personality into your special day. It would be nice for them, but also for you. It becomes a shared day of joy, where others can contribute.


I am a big fan of jewellery – a huge fan in fact. However, it is worth acknowledging that sometimes jewellery doesn’t work with every single outfit. Depending on the cut and style of your bridesmaid’s dresses, jewellery (at least excessive) jewellery just won’t work. Therefore opting for more of a minimalistic approach to your bridesmaid’s jewellery might be the way forward. You could add just a touch of sparkle, and hint of jewellery in the form of stud earrings, if you’re still keen to incorporate jewellery into the bridesmaids’ outfit.

There we have it! There are many different options when it comes to jewellery for your bridesmaids. Which option works for you? Or do you have another idea you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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