Shows We’ve Been Watching During Lockdown

Ed and I have been watching a lot more TV since lockdown started. Beforehand, we both had quite busy social lives and would often be out during the week with martial arts classes and blogging events, meaning that we didn’t really get the chance to watch that much together.

Now that everything is closed, and we are spending every night in together, we have had the chance to watch lots of shows that we have been meaning to start, and actually enjoyed current shows without having them spoiled on social media. Here’s what we have been watching recently on Netflix, Now TV, Channel 4 and Amazon Prime.

Little Fires Everywhere (Amazon Prime)

We have just finished watching this and loved it. It was such a gripping show and drew us in from the first episode. With the Black Lives Matter movement going on at the moment, the topics covered really hit home, and led to some discussions between us. I would highly recommend giving this one a watch.

The Vicar of Dibley (Netflix)

I used to love watching episodes of The Vicar of Dibley as a child and I was so glad to see it was on Netflix. Ed and I have been working our way through in order and it is the perfect easy watch when we are both playing about on our phones or not in the mood to concentrate too much on the TV. I think the funniest one has to be the Christmas dinner episode!

The Goldbergs (Channel 4)

I was actually pretty sad when we finished watching this as we had worked our way through from the beginning. The show hasn’t finished just yet, so we will be able to catch back up with The Goldberg family in the future. Highly recommend a watch if you haven’t seen it before. I love that it is based on the real childhood of the main creator, and that it includes actual footage from the eighties.

Westworld Season 3 (Now TV)

Ed and I discovered Westworld whilst on our flight to Mexico for our honeymoon and have been hooked ever since. I think the first series was the best, but this one had a different spin on it and had the bonus of Aaron Paul being introduced as a character (if you don’t know who Aaron Paul is, he plays the absolutely amazing Jesse in Breaking Bad). A great sci-fi action series to get stuck into.

Dead to Me Season 2 (Netflix)

I loved the first season of Dead to Me, so I was very excited to see season 2 on Netflix. Ed and I binged our way through it in a week. It’s just the right mix of humour and intrigue to keep your attention, and the two female leads work brilliantly together on screen.

What shows have you seen lately? Are there any we should watch?

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