9 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I know I share the majority of my life on here, and it seems like regular readers might know everything there is to know about me, I do hold some things back, and there are parts of my life I haven’t spoken about, or have only mentioned briefly before. As we are still in lockdown here in the UK, I thought I would put together a little post on 9 things you might not know about me.

I Have 9 Tattoos

My tattoos are all relatively small, so sometimes people are shocked to find out that I have nine of them. My first tattoo was on my foot and says ‘Live without regrets’ as I thought it would be ironic if I did in fact regret having it done. I then went on to have another tattoo on my other foot, a tattoo on each wrist, one on each inner ankle, a tattoo on my ribs, one on my lower and upper hip. I want one more as I hate having an odd number, but I haven’t decided what I want just yet, and obviously can’t have it done during lockdown.

This is my Second Marriage

I have written a blog post about my first marriage before, but it isn’t something I dwell on too much on here. For a long time I felt a little ashamed, especially as I was working in the wedding industry at the time, and it seemed like admitting defeat. Now I have come to appreciate that everything in life happens for a reason and, just because we weren’t right for each other, it doesn’t mean that the relationship didn’t bring some positives to my life, most importantly my daughter. I am now happily married, for a second time, and this marriage has reassured me that my decision to end my first marriage was the right one.

I Have Been Sexually Assaulted Twice

I was abused by a family member when I was 12-13 years old. I don’t go into further detail because I took the case to the police (admittedly years later) and the case was dropped, which means I don’t know my rights on actually talking candidly about what happened. I was also sexually assaulted when I was 20 years old, in a London Premier Inn. Again, the case was dropped. Both of these incidences have completely shaped my life, and I have had lots of counselling and therapy sessions as a result of how these situations made me feel, but I am determined to not let them prevent me from living my life and being able to love my husband.

I Suffered from Depression During Pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant with my first child when I was just 20 years old (and not that long after the sexual assault). I had just come out of a damaging relationship, and was so scared about being a single mum whilst still at university. I developed depression during pregnancy, and was pushed into counselling sessions, which actually made me feel worse at the time. I am so proud to say that I overcame the hurdles I was faced with and raised my son alone, until I met my first husband.

I Used to be a Wedding Coordinator

I studied Event Management at university, writing my dissertation on ‘wedding planning in today’s society’. After I graduated, I took some time out as I had given birth at the start of my final year. After I had my daughter, I finally managed to secure my dream job, as a wedding coordinator at a local hotel. I truly loved the job role, apart from the fact that my line manager was a narcissistic bully, who berated me until I was a cowering nervous wreck (but that’s a whole other story). It was amazing helping couples to plan their weddings, and to be the last person to speak to the bride before they walked down the aisle was such an incredible experience. I left the industry after I had my youngest son, as the hours just weren’t working out for us as a family, and I wanted to focus on my writing, but I will always look back fondly on my time working as a wedding coordinator.

I’m Terrified of Flying

I suffer from claustrophobia, which means that I find the sensation of being trapped incredibly difficult. Although I don’t like being in a lift, it is actually worse when I feel trapped for a prolonged length of time, so flying and going on a cruise (which I did a couple of years ago) set off my anxiety and give me panic attacks. I have been able to cope with shorter haul flights in the past, but anything longer than around 4 hours really affects me and I feel tight chested just thinking about it. Ed and I flew to Mexico for our honeymoon a couple of years ago and I honestly can’t imagine ever returning, despite loving the holiday, as the flight back was just horrendous. I want to get over my fear of flying, and have tried a few methods, but I just don’t seem to be able to crack it.

I Used to Vlog for a Dating Website

When I was dating as a single mum, I put together some videos for a dating website alongside guest blogging for them. I had a whole persona going on as a ‘yummy mummy’, and I find it hilarious looking back on the videos as it feels like a completely different lifetime.

I Have Appeared Topless in a Magazine

When I was 20 years old, I was obsessed with More magazine. I was in a Facebook group full of fellow fans, and actually formed some friendships through chatting on there. I started my first blog off the back of this, worked as a guest blogger for the website and even travelled to London to work as a ‘super fan’ on a special issue they put together (I had to sign a NDA and everything). I also featured in the magazine topless, as part of a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign they did. Fortunately the Magazine is not available online, so people can’t see this rather embarrassing feature, although I do still have the cutout somewhere at home, to look back on fondly.

I Have Met Keira Knightley

It seems a lot happened when I was 20. As well as appearing topless, I also met Keira Knightley, whilst celebrating my second cousin’s birthday at an exclusive London bar. Her and Damien Lewis had been performing at a Westend show together, and they came into the bar that we were in. The security team told us we weren’t allowed to use phones or cameras when they came in, which I remember we were a bit put out about as it was a birthday celebration. I may have had a few too many drinks and ended up not only speaking to Keira, but also propositioning her. I also made sure I danced close to her during the evening. I was then fireman lifted out by my aunt’s partner once I refused to leave at the end of the evening. Not my finest moment, it has to be said.

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