My Monthly Plans – November 

I can’t believe how quickly October went! I think it’s because I was wishing time away at the start as I wanted baby Benjamin to be born, and then after he was born time has flown with Ed’s paternity leave going by in the blink of an eye. 

I’m looking forward to November as it’s a month full of birthday celebrations for our family, and is one step closer to my favourite time of the year – Christmas! 

1st November – Register Baby Benjamin 
I think this is the longest I’ve had to wait to register any of my children before. There’s apparently been a bit of a baby boom in the area! Ed goes back to work the next day so it really was cutting it fine with this appointment! 

5th November –  Bonfire Night 

We don’t actually have concrete plans yet but I know I want to do something over this weekend. Last year we got caught up in a firework misfiring incident so I think we will be taking extra care this year! 

14th November- Mum’s birthday

We will probably celebrate the Saturday beforehand with a meal as my mum’s birthday falls on a Monday this year. 

16th November – Carly’s birthday 

Carly turns 4! I’m truly excited as she’s growing up so much lately and is really excited to be a ‘big girl’. 

20th November – Carly’s Party 
Carly’s having a small tea party with her friends this year. The theme is Paw Patrol, just like her brother. 

21st November – Christmas shopping 

I’m trying to be realistic when scheduling Christmas shopping trips. As it would be a nightmare with the children in tow, I’m planning it for when they’re at school and nursery. As much as I want to go shopping right now, I plan to wait until after Carly’s birthday so that I don’t buy her anything she already has. 

26th November – Christmas Party 

I’m so excited (but nervous due to how large I am since having a baby) for my first Christmas celebration of the year. One of my closest friends has arranged it and I’m looking forward to a night away from being a mum with lots of festive fun thrown in for good measure. 

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