My Lockdown Birthday

Last weekend I celebrated turning thirty-one in a way I never expected, and it was actually pretty amazing, despite lockdown. I wanted to write a little something about the day, in case anybody is feeling a bit rubbish about having a birthday during this time, to reassure that it can still be a good birthday, just a little different to how you may have envisioned it before.


Ok, so first of all, I suggest planning in advance what you would like to eat on your birthday, if you are anything like me and love food.. a lot. Obviously it isn’t possible to just nip to the shops these days, so it is a good idea to write down what you want to eat on the day, including any extra special treats, and add those into your weekly shop. We have been managing to secure Tesco click and collect slots for the past few weeks, so I made sure to add these items to our order in advance (and then prayed that they wouldn’t be unavailable when the member of staff went to pick it up).

I really wanted a Pizza Express pizza (one that isn’t available in the shops), but I knew this wasn’t a possibly so instead we decided to get a takeaway on the day. Ed and I had a think about what to get and went with an Indian. Remember that not all takeaways are still operating as usual at this time, so it is a good idea to research in advance to avoid disappointment on the day.

We also had our weekly Saturday salad delivery (this time paid for by my lovely friend), which was so nice.


I made sure I had some wine and Pornstar Martini ready made cans in (yes, classy lady, me), and I was also sent some bottles of Prosecco through the post from my dad and his fiancee, plus I had a bottle of Jaffa Cake gin gifted to me, so I had plenty to toast with over video call to friends and family. I would highly recommend virtual drinks, which is what my family and I had in the evening – just make sure everybody knows to get their own drink in ready!


I had been asked a few times by family what I would like for my birthday, and I decided to share my Amazon Wishlist link, as it was easier than directing everybody there separately. I ended up being totally spoilt, and received so many lovely presents through the post in the lead up to the day. I would advise that, if you are buying for somebody’s birthday during lockdown, that you order well in advance, as the postage times are obviously out of sync currently. I am so grateful to everybody who sent me a gift, it made the day feel a little more special.


I decided from the start that I wanted to dress up for my birthday and I ended up wearing a dress from a collaboration with FemmeLuxe. I felt like a total princess, as you should do on your birthday, and I would definitely recommend getting dressed up and going all out to mark the day from the rest!


I am really fortunate that I live only a few minutes walk from my best friend, so I managed to fit in a socially distanced hello from the end of her driveway during my walk for the day. To celebrate my birthday, our family dedicated a round of our weekly Zoom quiz to me, which was really lovely. We also stayed online for a bit longer after the main quiz finished and had a few drinks and a little dance to Stacy’s Mom, one of the best songs to dance along to when you have had a couple of wines. The next day, recovering from a slight hangover, the kids and I watched Disney+ and played Friends Monopoly, which my brother had bought me for my birthday.

I had such a nice birthday, despite being in lockdown, and I think it is definitely possible to still make your day feel special, even if you can’t go out and celebrate as you usually would.

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  1. Abi Howard

    It sounds like you had a lovely day despite everything going on!

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