My Post Lockdown Fantasy

So I’m sure you have had this fantasy during lockdown, of the first people you will see, the first meal you will eat out and the first place you will travel to once the government lifts the current restrictions? Although I am coping better than I thought I would, obviously nobody wants lockdown to continue forever, and I have been thinking about what I want to do once I can get outside the house again and things go back to some form of normality (I don’t personally see how things can fully go back to normal after all this).

This is my current post lockdown fantasy, I would love to hear yours in the comments!

Who I Would See

Without a doubt, the first person I want to visit once I can is my mum. I have missed her so much, and I know the kids have too. I usually see my mum a few times a week, so it has been so hard for us all to not see her for weeks on end. I also want to be able to see my nan, and my best friends, who I have really been missing. Obviously there are loads of people I want to see, so I will stop there as I don’t want to miss somebody out and offend them, but yeah, before I ‘do’ anything, I will be heading to see my loved ones.

What I Would Eat

I have been craving Pizza Express pizza over the past few weeks, and I really hope they manage to come back after lockdown, as I need to make an urgent visit! I also want to go for a date night with Ed to a local Italian that we love. The owner is so friendly and I want to support him once this is over. I must admit, like so many others, McDonalds is also going to get a visit from me. We have never been a family who goes all the time, but it is definitely a quick treat for us and the kids. I love their double cheeseburgers – one of those would be awesome right now. I could talk about which food I am going to eat for ages, but I will stop there. Other than saying that Slug and Lettuce would also be getting a visit with my bestie for belated birthday drinks – their 2 for 1 cocktails offer is insanely good – I need their Pornstar Martinis in my life!

Where I Would Go

I mean, the first place I would visit is definitely the beach. I live around 10 minutes away in the car, but I haven’t gone as, even when the restrictions appeared to lift surrounding driving to exercise, I do not think that they should. It has been agony seeing friends who live closer going to the beach and uploading to their Instagram stories, so I will 100% be there as soon as it is ok to go. I also need to make an urgent hair appointment (yes, I know, me and the rest of the country, it will be impossible), so that is up there. Travel wise, although I would love to go abroad, I can’t see this being logical to start with, so I will be sticking to UK travel for the time being. Once safe to go further afield, destinations on my bucket list are Santorini (we were meant to be going in May half term), Amsterdam (we were going to be heading there for Ed’s birthday weekend at the end of June) and Spain for a family holiday as the kids absolutely loved it the last time we went there a few years ago.

What is your lockdown fantasy? 

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