Top Tips For Throwing A Post Lockdown House Party

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Before we start, let me just clarify that I am not suggesting hosting a house party during lockdown, unless you are planning one for members of your own household, in which case, go right ahead! We all get to a point in life where nightclubs and bars feel like too much hard work. We don’t want to queue outside for hours, pay extortionate fees to get in, high prices at the bar, and wait for ages in line for the toilet. No, we want to be able to party and celebrate in comfort, and that’s where a good old house party is a great idea.

House parties can take a fair amount of organization, and sometimes, you have to work hard to create the right atmosphere. However, if done properly, they can be a fun way of celebrating an event with your nearest and dearest – and you can fall straight into bed at the end of the night! Here are some of our top tips for throwing a successful house party.

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Lighting will set the mood

Lighting is one of the key factors in getting the mood of a house party, just right. Too dark, and people will be bumping into one another and falling down the stairs. Too bright, and people will be shy, awkward, and the whole thing will lack in atmosphere.

One of the best ways to get a party vibe in the house is to turn the main lights off and add brightness with fairy lights. You can even go one step further and buy strobe lights – it will undoubtedly give your lounge the nightclub treatment and add an element of fun to the party.


The decorations are also a superb way to turn your lounge into the town’s hottest new nightclub. Avoid the lure of hired props, unless you spend money on the really quality stuff. Cheap props look just that – cheap and a bit naff, and you won’t be impressing anyone. However, things like a mobile bar in your party’s theme will always look good as opposed to a few blow-up decorations. Don’t forget that your guests will add to the atmosphere as well– ask them to dress to match your theme and watch the party come alive!

Shuffle the furniture around

Shuffle the furniture around, or even remove some of it to open up the party space. For example, don’t leave sofas and chairs near to where you want people to dance or to the speakers – it isn’t the right place for anyone wanting to sit and have a chat, and you would much rather they were up and dancing.

Stock up on drinks

One of the worst ways to kill a party is to let the drinks run dry. Whether you are supplying them or asking people to bring a bottle with them, make sure you have more than you need. It is always better to have too much than too little. Make sure there is something for everyone – wine, beer, spirits, and of course, soft drinks for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want anything alcoholic. You also need to make sure you have plenty of ice to hand – no one wants a warm drink, whatever it is!

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