Home Again! Planning A Welcome Home Party

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It seems that in life, we can spend a bit more time away from the people that we love. If someone has been away for a long time, either studying or living abroad, and they are now back home to stay, why shouldn’t you give them the welcome that they deserve? No doubt, their return may be bittersweet. Perhaps they really loved where they were, and they’ve got to come home for financial or personal reasons, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show them a good time! When it comes to a welcome home party, what’s the best way to go about it? 


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Show Them They Were Missed

If they’ve been away for a long time, a simple garden party isn’t going to cut it. It all depends on their personality. They may not want a fanfare, so it’s vital that you give them the welcome home that they deserve, but show them that they have been missed. Give them the things that they love, but weren’t able to get where they were. This could be all the home pleasures, like tea bags, biscuits, and all of those uniquely British things. But also, you might want to make it a bit of a surprise. They deserve a fanfare, but they might be so modest that they don’t think they deserve one. But if you think they need a big welcome home, it’s important to show them that life hasn’t been the same without them. 


Make It A Proper Event

Sometimes these events can spiral out of control and become something all in itself. But if you plan on making it a proper event, rather than a small gathering, you’ve got to prepare way in advance. You might want to give it a theme, perhaps relating to the country they’ve been, or if it’s a gathering where a few hundred people may potentially turn up, then you’d best not have it at home! Turn it into something that’s a proper commemoration for the person you love. Think about photo booth hire ideas, entertainment, as well as the right food to put on. If you’re going to turn it into a proper event, don’t give it half measures! This is all dependent on the theme, and if you want them to have a proper welcome home party, consider hiring a proper venue that is uniquely British. Perhaps a workingmen’s club, or just a simple church hall that you can decorate? If you want to make it a proper event, but you don’t want to have to clean up afterwards, a venue is vital.


Should it be a surprise? It all depends on the person. Naturally, they may feel incredibly jet-lagged and just want to relax, so it might not be worth giving them the party as soon as they come home. Perhaps doing it the next day is better. But what we have to remember is when someone’s been away for so long, deep down, they’d like a little bit of a fuss. They want to know that they were missed. 

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