What to Consider When Buying A New Bed

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We are in the process of finding a new home, which is an exciting time but also totally stressful! As well as all the logistics to do with mortgages, stamp duty and solicitor fees, as we will be moving into a property that we will be keen to make our own, we will also be looking to buy new furniture when we move, including beds for us and for the children.

If I am totally honest, I have never bought a bed myself before. I have either lived in furnished accommodation or inherited beds from family. When we moved into the property we are in currently, we moved over Ed’s bed, so it will be nice to actually have a brand new bed of our own as part of our fresh start.

Looking at beds has been a bit overwhelming as I had no idea what I wanted. There are so many different styles to choose from and a lot of things to consider, which I hadn’t thought about! Fortunately Beds have put together a brilliant infographic to help you find the perfect bed for you, looking at important factors such as room measurements, comfort, storage solutions and removal of your old bed. I would never have even considered the colour of the bed frame fitting in with the overall style of your room, so it’s been great to have when making our decision.

Ed and I want our room to be stylish whilst still remaining a haven for us to retreat to once the kids are in bed. A Leather Divan Bed suits us perfectly – we can add storage to make the most of the space in our new bedroom, and add bedding and soft furnishings to show our personality. Meanwhile, the boys will be sharing a bedroom so will need bunkbeds to retain floor and storage space. They are already fighting over who is going to have the top bunk! Carly will have her own room, with her own bed – she is looking forward to decorating, and having friends over to stay!

When it comes to furniture for the rest of the house, we are really excited to get ourselves new sofas, as Ed’s have seen better days! It might be a little hard to agree on a style for these though, as Ed is looking at easy clean leather sofas, whilst I have my heart set on a blue velvet design I have seen.

We will also be looking at getting some storage solutions for downstairs to keep the children’s toys and craft supplies out of the way, and bookcases for us.

Moving house and buying new furniture, including beds, can be daunting but it should also be fun. Following guidelines, with advice from people in the industry, can help make the move more straightforward and exciting for the whole family. We can’t wait to create a home of our own for our family.

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