The Bargain IKEA Buy That is Saving Us a Fortune

Recently I headed over to our local IKEA, in Southampton, to pick up a new table for our lounge. It was only my second visit to IKEA, which surprises a lot of people as it seems to be a hugely popular shop these days. I wasn’t impressed initially as getting into the shop on a Sunday seemed to be a complete and utter mission (later found out that this was probably the busiest time I could have chosen to go). When we finally got in, I did enjoy wandering around the mock-up bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, and the boys were in their element – Cameron loved it so much he said he wanted to go back for his birthday instead of a party (and that was before we even made it to the 50p hot dogs – bargain!).

Although the reason we were there was for a table, we obviously had a good look around to see if there was anything else we wanted. I fell in love with a corner sofa, which we do need, in all fairness, but it was a grand, which we just don’t have spare at the moment. Instead, we went along to the smaller sections and it was here I saw some bright pink and yellow ice lolly moulds. I had wanted something like this back in the summer but wasn’t willing to pay almost a tenner on them on Amazon. At £2 for the 6 moulds, complete with a handy stand, I figured even if they were rubbish, I wouldn’t have wasted too much money on them.

Once back home, I wasted no time trying the moulds out. We had some Ribena, so I mixed that with some water in a jug and then poured it into all six of the moulds and put them in the freezer to chill. They were ready within a few hours and I was really impressed not only with how they came out, but also at how easy the whole process had been. A quick wash in the sink and they were ready to be re-used. The children absolutely loved the lollies, and I was happy as it was saving me a fortune in pre-packaged ice lollies – a favourite treat/dessert in our house.

For the next batch, I decided to experiment a little and made some with Pineapple and Mango juice and some with lemonade, as well as the Ribena. They were all well received, and the ingredients cost pennies per ice lolly. I used own brand lemonade and juices, with the most expensive ingredient being the Ribena, but the possibilities are endless as you can choose whichever flavour you or your children like the most.

I will be getting a little more inventive and freezing with fruit as well, but for now I am really impressed with his cheap and cheerful lolly mould set and would highly recommend picking one up on your next visit to IKEA.

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