Styling a Bob with GHD Straighteners

Although I really wanted to have my hair cut short, one of my main concerns was how I would be able to style it, especially once it started growing a little. I had my hair cut into a bob back in December and I was so happy with how my hairdressers cut and styled it, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to recreate it on my own back home.

With my hair longer, I alternated between straightening and curling my hair using my trusty GHD hair straighteners, but I wasn’t sure if I could still style my hair with them once it was shorter. I needn’t have worried, although a little more awkward, I have still been able to create both curled and straight styles since having my haircut.


I tend to fall back on this as my everyday style. I work four days a week in an office environment and part of my job is to greet visitors, so I do need to look smart, which means needing to straighten my hair each morning. When my hair was a little longer, I could get away with just brushing out my hair on the second day of washing, but now it is shorter, it can look tousled and messy without a quick straighten. I usually flick the hair under at the bottom, for a sleek and straight bob style, but occasionally I have flicked it out, which creates a slightly more laid back style.


I love curling my hair with straighteners, and I can’t actually do it with curling irons now I am so used to using the GHDs, but I know some people find it difficult. I start by separating my hair into two sections, clipping most of one side up on the top of my head and leaving a small amount. From this, I take a smaller section and clamp the straighteners towards my scalp, twisting the hair around the irons and gently pulling the straighteners out and around at the same time.

I repeat this with the rest of the hair and then let down another small section of the hair. Continuing in this way, I finish the top layer by starting slighytly further away from the top of my head. Once I have finished that side, I then repeat on the other side, making sure that I also curl the back of my hair if I have managed to miss any. Once done, I run my fingers through my hair and lightly loosening the curls slightly. I finish with plenty of hairspray to keep the style in place.


This is the style I find the hardest, as I tend to make curls too tight. By starting halfway down my head and twisting around the straighteners fairly loosely, I can make waves instead of curls, which give a less harsh finish with my hair this length. I finish with a light spritz of hairspray.

It can seem harder to think of different styles with short hair, but I am enjoying the challenge, and am pleased with how the above styles come out using just my GHD straighteners. If you have any other styles I can try, let me know in the comments…

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