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I don’t know about you but I love Valentine’s Day. Ed and I tend to make a big deal about it, and he usually surprises me each year with something fun for us to do. Since having Benjamin and our family growing to five, we have had to tone things down a little but it is still nice to make some proper plans to celebrate the day. If you are looking at planning ahead for Valentine’s Day this year, I have put together some alternative ideas to profess your love in your own way…

Traditional with a Sweet Twist

Ok, so chocolate might be cliched when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but it’s a classic for a reason. How about mixing things up a bit this year and sending your chocolates by post? As well as being a novelty, it is also perfect for long distance couples or those who are going to be apart for whatever reason on February 14th. I am such a sweet tooth, I would totally love this idea!

Think Humour over Saccharine

If you find Valentine’s Day a little too soppy, why not find a gift or card that suits you both as a couple, rather than going for the old favourites? There are plenty of companies out there these days who offer humorous alternatives, including innuendos and curse words (if that’s your thing), you are sure to find something that perfectly matches your interpretation of love.

Try Something New

As I mentioned, Ed used to surprise me with something I had never done before on Valentine’s Day. It started with horse-riding and took a bit of a nose-dive when he booked us in for indoor sky diving (literally the most terrifying day of my life – I am claustrophobic and didn’t deal well with the tight vacuum involved). Experience gifts are so popular these days, and doing something together is a lovely alternative to a tangible gift. Ed and I once went axe-throwing in London and it was so much fun and something completely different for both of us!

Valentine’s Day often gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be one big cliche if you plan ahead and do something that suits you as a couple rather than sticking to the rules…. Let me know if you try any of these ideas and what your partner thought!

This is a collaborative post, however all words are my own. 

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