Achieving Your Organisational Goal of 2020

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So, it’s January, you made that New Year’s resolution and now you are already panicking about how you are going to keep it up past the first month. You aren’t alone – January 12th has been fondly named ‘Quitters Day’ as it is the day you are statistically most likely to fail on your goals, after less than two weeks. If one of your resolutions was to be more organised in 2020, here are some helpful tips on how to achieve your goal, and avoid breaking it before the month is out.

Book Tickets in Advance

Planning business meetings, or looking at going to that all important event this year? Book your tickets in advance and you are more likely to attend. Whether it’s a business seminar or a train travelling from Brighton to Haywards Heath, get online and book your tickets now before you forget. Honestly, it is a game changer.

Keep a Calendar

Once you have a date for your diary, add the details to it right away whilst they are fresh in your mind! So many times last year I booked something or had an email about an event and then forgot to write it in my calendar, meaning I sometimes missed out. This year I have bought myself a family planner, and I am adding everything to it straight away so that nothing passes me by. Writing everything down has become essential to me as I have taken on more work, and it helps a lot when you are spinning lots of plates.

Colour Code

I am awful at having all the stationery and then not using it. I have drawers full of coloured pens, pencils and highlighters that could be put to good use. Colour coding your calendar makes things so much easier to keep a track of at a glance. I have given each of my family a separate highlighter colour, and used this to note down swimming lessons, parents evenings and doctors appointments, so that I can keep up with everything, even on the busiest of weeks. You can also colour code when making plans for work, or your To-do list – marking those top priorities above other less urgent tasks.

Download Apps

Looking to keep control of your money? There’s an app for literally everything these days, often available to download for free or a nominal charge from the App Store or Google Play. One of the best ways to keep organised for a generation never far from their phone is to have everything in one place and apps are a lifesaver when it comes to tracking my money, goals and events.

If you are planning to be more organised in 2020, these tips will hopefully get you on the right track and motivate you to keep working on your goal through the year. Let me know in the comments if you have any more tips for organisation, as I would love to hear them!

This is a collaborative post, however all words are my own. 

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