The Products to Make Your Family-Friendly Halloween Party Awesome

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Halloween is almost upon us and I am looking forward to our annual party to celebrate all things spooky. I know Halloween can be a bit of a marmite occasion, but I love dressing up with the kids and having an excuse to decorate the house.

Halloween doesn’t need to be all about the trick or treating, there are plenty of fun activities to keep kids occupied whilst keeping to the theme. If you are planning a party this Halloween, these are some of the products guaranteed to make your family-friendly halloween party awesome.


Spooky Funfetti

Dollzconfetti are specialists when it comes to confetti (their wedding range is truly impressive), and this Halloween funfetti is great for decorating table tops and fireplaces for family friendly parties this halloween.

Halloween Prints

Halloween decorations can be a bit garish and over the top. If you are looking for something simple but effective for your party this year, I recommend a visit to Pippin Print’s Etsy store, where you can choose from a whole host of downloadable prints including these brilliant designs, which I have added to frames I already had. You can also visit their website where their autumn and halloween range are featured.

Fun Activities

Little Cooks

Want to get the kids involved in the kitchen whilst making some halloween treats? Little Cooks subscription boxes are fantastic for helping children discover a love of baking. You can choose from a one-off box or monthly payment options, and each box is filled with recipes and dry ingredients to help get you started.

Gross Science – Beating Heart

My older kids are at the age when anything gross is basically the best thing ever and this Beating Heart set from John Adams is sure to go down a storm at our halloween celebrations this year. Fill the heart chambers with fake blood, add tubes and pumps and see the heart ‘pumping’.

Gross Magic

Another John Adams kit, this Gross Magic set includes 10 gross activities including creating a life size brain, making a stomach vomit and watching a burp in action – totally disgusting but a hit with the kids and something to keep them occupied when they’ve had enough sweets for the evening.


Marks & Spencers Snacks

Looking for all the Halloween treats? Head to Marks & Spencers to stock up. They have everything from crisps to chocolate lollies to treat size multipacks of sweets. I love their chocolate severed fingers and they’ve even given poor Colin the Caterpillar a makeover for the occasion…

Haribo & Maoam

Haribo have always been a go to when it comes to trick or treat supplies. Their Trick or Treat multipacks are brilliant, and their Haribo & Maoam duo pack is perfect for Halloween, offering a great choice of sweets.

Marty’s Crisps

Looking for an alternative to sweets this year? Marty’s popped chickpea crisps are a healthier alternative, whilst still being totally moreish. The fun, space packaging is in keeping with the Halloween theme, and you can be reassured that these snacks are egg, peanut and gluten free.

So Free Buttons

For parents of children who have a dairy allergy, Halloween can feel like a bit of a minefield when it comes to treats on offer. These buttons from So Free are the perfect alternative to chocolate buttons, whilst still coming in fantastic spooky packaging. They are also free from wheat and gluten as well as milk.

Hosting can be pretty stressful, if you are heading to a party at somebody else’s house this Halloween, Vanilla Reindeer have you covered with their range of personalised halloween themed gift bags and boxes including this brilliant wine bottle box, which you can add your own message and photos to. Guaranteed to make the trick and treating knocks on the door a little more bearable…

Products featured have been gifted, however all words and images are my own. 

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