Boob Brunch with Slug & Lettuce & Coppafeel

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I was invited along to a Boob Brunch at my local Slug & Lettuce with Coppafeel, a charity focused on encouraging people to check their breasts and pecs for anything unusual with the aim of catching breast cancer in its earliest stages. The charity was set up by Kris, who discovered she had breast cancer when it was already terminal, meaning that she will live with it for the rest of her life. Although it’s been ten years since her diagnosis, Kris is still fighting the disease and constantly working hard to bring awareness to others so that they can avoid the experience she had.

The Slug & Lettuce have joined forces with Coppafeel and are hosting Boob Brunches alongside other events throughout this month. I went along to the Boob Brunch at Slug & Lettuce Bournemouth Old Christchurch Road with fellow blogger Molly, and we were greeted by the team from Slug & Lettuce and a representative from Coppafeel and shown to our own booth.

I love the Slug & Lettuce as the venue is so stylish and perfect for Instagram. We were offered a hot drink and informed of the itinerary for the event. The attendees were split into two groups with one group taking part in a masterclass whilst the other had their brunch, before swapping. We were first up for the masterclass, which was run by Tom from the Slug & Lettuce. We were shown how to make our very own Boobtini, a non-alcoholic cocktail which is being sold in the venues across the country with 25p from every sale going to the Coppafeel charity.

The Boobtini is a fruity mix of flavours topped with a generous amount of squirty cream and a raspberry and, although mine didn’t look quite as good as Tom’s, it still tasted delicious and I enjoyed drinking it whilst chatting to Molly as we waited for our food back in our booth. When it arrived, we snapped our photos and tucked in. I will admit, I don’t regularly go out for breakfast or brunch now I have the three children but this was hands down the best full English breakfast I have had in a long time.

After we had eaten, the two groups joined back together for a talk by the Coppafeel ‘Boobette’, who introduced herself and shared that she was a breast cancer survivor, having discovered a lump five years ago.

The work that Coppafeel does is so important, and I was compelled to sign up to their free text reminder service after watching the presentation about the charity, how to check your breasts, and the unusually signs you should be on the lookout for. They are keen to stress that you aren’t ‘looking for cancer’, but getting to know your own normal, and to notice if anything were to change.

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in their lifetime, and around 400 men are diagnosed with the disease every year. The work that Coppafeel does is really important and, if you can, please do support the charity in whatever way you are able to.

I was invited along to the Boob Brunch and provided with a complimentary breakfast in exchange for social media coverage of the event. I was not asked to write this blog post but wanted to help raise further awareness of the charity. 

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