First Thoughts on the Lily Cup One Menstrual Cup

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I will be the first to admit that, at the grand old age of thirty, I had never used a menstrual cup before, or even knew much about them. I certainly hadn’t ever tried one out, and I was a little apprehensive when I was offered to trial the Lily Cup One from INTIMINA, not being sure whether I would be able to get on with it.

Menstrual cups have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason too. They are a brilliant alternative to other forms of period protection, and are a brilliant economic option as they are re-usable, whilst also being kinder on your body than tampons and more eco-friendly too.

The Lily Cup One is a petite design, suitable for light to heavy flow and folds flat to fit in the included protective case when not in use. It is marketed as the perfect cup for beginners and is nice and simple to use, with easy to follow directions on the packaging.

Despite this, I was still a little unsure if I had inserted it wrong to begin with, as it felt a little uncomfortable. After a slight re-jig, it all felt a lot less awkward, and I soon forgot I was wearing it. I usually use a mixture of tampons and pads, and I found the cup a lot less invasive than either of these. Once it was in, I was able to forget about it all day, getting on with my day to day activities without any issue.

I have had three children, and I was a bit concerned that a petite beginner style cup might not suit me, but I haven’t noticed any issues from first use. The cup is easy to insert and remove, thanks to the handy removal loop, and I didn’t find it to leak whilst in. However, INTIMINA do offer an alternative cup, the Lily Cup, which comes in two different sizes with one being more suitable for those who have had children or a weakened pelvic floor.

I have found using the Lily Cup One a complete game-changer so far, and I will update once I have used it for longer.

The Lily Cup One was gifted to me, however all words and images are my own. 

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