Supporting a Better Night’s Sleep Naturally for the Children with BetterYou

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Getting a good night’s sleep is so important. Not only does it help your body physically prepare itself for the next day, it also helps your mental health. For children, sleep is vital for their development. Having a proper rest can help them perform better at school, to learn more effectively and to have a healthy immune system, ready to fight off sickness.

I try and ensure the children have a routine when it comes to going to bed at night, as it helps them to know it’s time to unwind and prepare for sleep. This is what we do…


The children used to fight bath time, but now they love it. I try and keep things quiet and soothing, minimising boisterous bath toys, and instead adding Magnesium Flakes to the bath, which soothe muscles and aid natural relaxation. The flakes are suitable for all ages (Ed loves them, especially after going on a long run, when his muscles ache), and can be used during pregnancy.


After their bath, the children get on their pyjamas and head to bed. The boys share a double bed, and Carly has her own room. Although they currently go to bed at the same time, the older two are allowed to stay up and read for a bit. I was sent some of the Magnesium Sleep Lotion Junior from BetterYou for a previous post, and the kids love it and always ask for some to be rubbed into their feet when they get into bed.

The lotion in non-greasy and, like the bath flakes, helps relax the body and mind and encourages a deeper sleep. It has both magnesium and essential oils, and can help prepare the body for sleep. The Lavender and Chamomile work to slow sensory activity, and bring a sense of peace. We love it! BetterYou also have an adult’s version of their Magnesium Sleep Lotion, which I use to help switch off before bed.


Reading to the children is so important, and is something I always try and make time for before they go to sleep. Cameron likes to read to himself a lot more these days, but the little ones enjoy having a story read to them, and it is a way to remind their brains that it is time to switch off and rest.

We were sent the items featured in this post, however all words and images are my own. 

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