Why I Love Booking Last Minute Family Staycations

Last week, over half term, Ed, my mum, the kids and I all headed off on a little adventure. We had booked, last minute, to stay for a few nights in a farmyard cottage in Somerset, which is around a two hour drive from us in Bournemouth. I had been looking at trips abroad, but they work out so expensive, and due to logistics, it just wouldn’t have made sense for us. This is our second time  booking a last minute staycation in the UK this year, and I am hooked!

Good Deals

I have managed to book two fantastic breaks over the school holidays this year. The first, which was to Cornwall and Devon, came to £200 for a two night break for the six of us, whilst our recent trip to Somerset came in at around £400 for a 3 night stay, again for three adults and three children.

Booking last minute can be a little stressful, if you like to plan in advance, but it can save lots of money, and open up deals you might otherwise have missed, due to last minute cancellations or accommodation lowering their prices to fill rooms.

Explore New Places

I have tried not to be too picky when it comes to location for our UK staycation breaks, as the less fussy you are, the more options you will have to choose from when it comes to making a last minute booking.

When we were booking our most recent stay, I typed in UK to the search bar on a booking website, and it came up with a range of places including Somerset, somewhere reasonably close but not a place we had visited before.

With our seven seater car, it is reasonably easy and economical to just load up the boot and head off on an adventure.

It’s Fun to Be Spontaneous

I used to always plan everything meticulously, and have my holidays booked months and months in advance, but lately it has been quite liberating to make the decision to go away and book somewhere a week beforehand. The children love the spontaneity of it, and it means less time to wait to go away, booking last minute.

Encourages Us to Do More

The school holidays can go by in a bit of a blur, especially half term when there is only a week off. I have found that when we stay at home, we sleep in a little later and by the time we get out to do something, half the day has gone by and we don’t really end up doing much. Going away, even just a few hours away from home, gives us the motivation to explore and fit in activities we might otherwise not have found time for.

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