Beauty – My Thoughts on the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

I have been using Estee Lauder’s Doublewear for the past year or so and on the whole I loved how it made my skin look. Unlike lots of the cheaper alternatives available on the high street, Doublewear actually gave a mostly flawless finish, didn’t oxidise throughout the day and result in the dreaded tide marks around my face and I felt like it made me look like me but better.

Recently  though, I felt like the heavy foundation was acting more like a mask and it seemed to wear off throughout the day, which it claimed not to. For the price, I wasn’t sure if I was getting value for money and I decided to look elsewhere for an alternative.

I wanted to stick to the higher end offerings as I wasn’t prepared to throw money away on lots of different cheaper brands. I spent a lot of time researching and looking into reviews of the most popular foundations priced at around £30 and I finally decided on the Clinique Superbalanced foundation. I went to my local Boots and asked them to colour match me and this is when I was told that the Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer would work better for my skin and individual requirements. I was a bit unsure, I had a quick google and the reviews seemed incredibly mixed, plus I hadn’t really heard much about this foundation compared to the superbalanced.

In the end, seeing the different finishes of both foundations on my skin in the store, I decided to trust the sales assistant and bought the Beyond Perfecting foundation, deciding that if it wasn’t for me, I would just go back to Doublewear when it ran out.

I must mention that during use of this foundation I have had an eczema flare up. I don’t believe this was anything to do with the foundation itself, and my doctor agreed, but it has meant that I haven’t really been wearing it day to day as much as I would have been usually so I thought it was worth mentioning.

My first impression of the foundation was that I liked the packaging, it is nice and pretty and girly and the bottle itself looks nice and you are able to see a little better how much product is left, something that I found annoying with the frosted bottle of my doublewear. The only thing is, the applicator makes it near impossible for you to get the foundation out without using it and I can see issues as the foundation starts to run out. I don’t actually like the applicator itself as it only gives a small amount of product and I find myself redipping a few times to get enough product to cover my face.

I tried using my foundation brush once I had the foundation on my face but it didn’t really work very well so I resorted to going old school and using my fingers, which did seem to work but meant I was left with some of the product to wash off my hands after doing my makeup, which isn’t ideal either. I am going to try and use a beauty blender, on the advice of a friend, and I will see if this helps and report back.

I have dark circles under my eyes (thanks kids) and a few red patches and blemishes around my face and, personally, I didn’t feel confident just using this product without any additional concealer when going out in the evening. During the day it works as a quick cover up but generally I wouldn’t say it works well as a 2-in-1 item, which is a shame as it would have made the price more justifiable if I didn’t need to purchase a concealer as well.

I feel I have been fairly negative so far, and I do think it necessary to focus on some of the positives of this foundation. It does give a flawless finish when you apply it, and I find that a little does go a long way. The applicator, although a bit annoying, does prevent you from accidentally pouring out too much (a frequent issue with doublewear). I found that, after I got used to applying it, the foundation was quick to put on and I didn’t need much powder to finish my base off as it was already quite matte, with a dewy glow somehow alongside this.

I don’t feel this foundation lasts all day. Perhaps it is down to my dry skin due to the eczema, I am not sure, but I definitely needed to reapply to areas of my face if I was going from day to night. I also found that some days I ended up with odd patches of different colours around my cheeks especially, almost as if it had oxidised but only in patches, which isn’t ideal.

I want to keep trying with this one as I do think the issues with my skin have possibly prevented the foundation from showing its full potential. I will sort out my skin and come to a conclusion after this but, for now, I would recommend giving this foundation a go if you are looking for something fairly low maintenance, that you can put on quickly and that will work as an everyday foundation with medium coverage, which can be built up when going out.

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