How To Change up Your Rented Accommodation – The Bedroom

I have mentioned before that Ed and I currently live in rented accommodation whilst saving the money to buy a bigger property than the one we currently own and rent out. Living in rented accommodation can be frustrating at times as you are limited on what you are able to do to put your own stamp on things. As we are likely to be staying in rented accommodation for the time being, I have been looking at ways we can change things up without breaking the terms of our tenancy.

Currently I am focusing on our bedroom as it is the place I go to escape but also where I spend the majority of my time since turning my dressing table into a desk to work from in the day.

I have put together a few ideas on how you can change up your bedroom even in rented accommodation.

New Bedding

One of the easiest ways to freshen up a room and show off your own personality is to buy some new bedding. We have had the same muted neutral covers on our bed since last autumn and it is starting to look a little old and tired.

I am also much more of a pastels kind of girl and have my eye on something with a bit more colour to it. Julian Charles have some beautiful designs in a range of colours sure to suit every style. New bedding can really transform a bedroom and I am so excited to get some new sheets to compliment the rest of our bedroom.

All About the Extras 

As well as a good mattress and nice bedding, a new throw and pillows can make all the difference when it comes to styling your bedroom. These things don’t have to break the bank, you can pick pieces up from the high street on a budget, but they can really help to brighten up and add some personality to your room.

I love my cosy faux fur throw from Wilko and am on the hunt for some nice cushions as our current stag ones won’t suit different bedding.

Displaying Prints

I’ve struggled in the past when it comes to displaying prints in rented accommodation if you aren’t able to put up nails in the wall to hang them but I have managed to get around this by displaying frames on my dressing table instead.

As I’ve mentioned, I love a nice girly print, and have really enjoyed styling up my workspace with some prints that show my personality in a range of pretty pastel colours. There are lots of options out there to display prints on the walls if you really want to, without the need for nails.

Adding Little Touches

I recently went out and treated myself to a few new home bits for our bedroom, mainly to display on my bedside cabinet, which had become a bit of a dumping ground for my beauty products and half drunk glasses of water. It’s surprising how just little touches like fake flowers in a vase, a nice candle and a cute trinket can transform a space. I absolutely love how my bedside table looks now and I can’t wait to transform the rest of the house!

This is a collaborative post however all words and images are my own.

You can find out more about the #COLOURYOURPERSONALITY campaign in the Julian Charles ebook.

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