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Have you ever wondered why I call this series of my blog ‘style’ rather than ‘fashion’? It’s because, although I actually quite enjoy sharing with you my latest additions to my wardrobe, and having impromptu photoshoots in our back garden, I don’t feel like I know enough about fashion to actually be able to refer to myself as a ‘fashion blogger’.

For me, anybody can have style, but fashion is a whole other ballpark. I was stuck in a bit of a style rut for a long time. Having worked previously in an office with a very strict dress code, when I wasn’t working, I would want to just slip on my most comfortable jeans and a jumper.

Having three kids, I felt the need to dress a certain way, that by wearing clothes that were too short, too tight, or too revealing, I would look like a bad mum. I now realise how ridiculous that is, and how wrong I was to think like that. Recently, I have started branching out a little in what I buy, and subsequently, wear on a day to day basis.

I think the heatwave we have been experiencing in the UK is somewhat to blame, I would still be quite happy in my jeans, but it’s simply too hot to be able to wear them, so I have had to find alternatives. My summer wardrobe is full of little playsuits and summer dresses, some of which look pretty awful on me as my body shape has changed since having Benjamin, and I no longer suit the clothes I used to.

One of the main items I have been loving lately is a good old midi or maxi skirt with a silk cami tucked into the waistband. It has become my staple outfit and I have worn variations of it to events, to dinner, for trips down to the beach, and for day to day working from home attire.

I have struggled with my self confidence for years, but lately I have finally started to regain this, and I think finding clothes I feel good in, which feel comfortable because I didn’t automatically size down to ‘feel better’ about myself, has really paid off.

I am feeling and looking the best I have in a long time, and I just wanted to end this rambling post with a quote from Ralph Lauren, which is very true – “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

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