Style – My Shoot with Fordtography 

When I booked for Kaye Ford, who shoots people (in the photography sense rather than the wanted by the police sense) as guest speaker at the Bournemouth Bloggers May Meetup, I knew I had to fit in a session with her as her images are always totally stunning.

Without trying to sound like a total fan girl, and failing massively, I was really nervous in the lead up to the day of my shoot. I originally put it down to being anxious about the event, but actually it was the fear of meeting somebody new, and worrying that I wouldn’t be comfortable posing for photos with them.

Although I have done a bit of modelling in the past, including a fairly recent styled bridal shoot, and probably appearing pretty confident in front of a camera, I am actually acutely shy when it comes to meeting somebody for the first time.

I need not have worried though as Kaye is one of the most down to earth and lovely people I have ever met. She put me at ease right away, and I ended up feeling like I had known her for a lot longer than a few hours by the time we said goodbye at the event.

As well as being hilarious (a much appreciated quality in a person), Kaye is also absolutely amazing at what she does. When I explained to her a few minutes into our shoot that I struggle to smile, she was quick to inform me that she wasn’t the type of photographer to force a smile from her clients. In fact, she was more than happy for me to give her my best resting bitch face, and gave only minimal direction throughout the shoot, to make the most of the angles and lighting she was working with.

And it paid off! When I received the images less than a week later, I loved them. I look like me, but ever so slightly better, which is pretty much all I want from a professional photography session to be honest.

As I said, I don’t smile easily, so a whole reel of false smiles just wouldn’t be me, I am more than happy with my slightly pouty poses, and in the end Kaye managed to make me laugh enough to get some natural ones in there as well.

If you are considering a shoot with Kaye, I would 100% recommend it. Kaye’s rates are more than reasonable, and the images she produces speak for themselves. I will be booking in again for another shoot as soon as possible! 

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