Wedding Wednesday – My Experience of a Bridal Styled Shoot

It may come as no surprise that I love weddings. I really enjoy hearing about other people’s plans for their big days, and I love sharing the special days of other couples in my Behind the Bride series.

I absolutely loved watching Saturday’s Royal Wedding and I even felt a bit blue on Sunday morning after it was all over.

It also made me look back over my own wedding photos, and I felt a little sad that I won’t really have another excuse to wear my wedding dress again anytime soon.

Fortunately, I did get the chance a few weeks ago, when I was asked to model for a styled bridal shoot by a good friend, Sally, who is a local wedding hair and makeup artist. The shoot was at a newly opened venue, the Millstream Bistro, which offers intimate wedding receptions in beautiful countryside surroundings.

We arrived in the morning, and Sally got to work on my makeup first. She went for a natural look to begin with, keeping colours fairly muted, but adding false lashes to open up my eyes a bit more than normal.

I met the photographer, Jay, whilst Sally was finishing up on my face, and we discussed the shoot in a bit more detail whilst Sally started on my hair – curls in a classic bridal up do.

The shoot would be in two parts, the majority centred around my ivory wedding dress, with a few shots at the end in my maroon coloured gown. For this shoot, Sally planned to take my hair down and add a darker, bolder lip colour, to convey an evening, party look.

I have done a bit of modelling in the past, so I wasn’t too nervous for the shoot, although I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fit in my dresses, after eating a fair amount and cutting down on exercise since our UK reception last November! Luckily, Sally is experienced in lacing brides into their dresses, and she managed to get me into them!

By the time we started shooting, there were a fair few customers around the venue, as it was a nice day, so I had quite a crowd watching as I emerged from the ladies toilets in full bridal attire!


We shot mainly around the side and back of the venue, and it was actually really nice to be back in my wedding dress and posing for photos as we didn’t actually have a proper photographer for our UK blessing.

Jay was brilliant at instructing me where to put my hands, and which direction to look etc throughout the shoot, and I really got into the swing of things after a little while.

One thing I struggle with is smiling properly, after wearing a brace as a teen left me really self conscious about smiling with my mouth open, however I think I actually prefer the ‘moodier’ looking shots from the day.

We had a quick break to get me into the red dress, and Sally added the additional touches to my hair and makeup before it was back to the action, and I posed for the final few photos of the day. The venue is able to be booked for other celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as receptions, so the last few photos were a chance to literally let my hair down and have a bit of fun.

I really enjoyed the shoot, although I was shattered by the time I got back home, and my legs were aching for days afterwards from all that standing around and posing!

If you are getting married in the area, I would definitely recommend checking out the suppliers who were involved in the shoot, as they were all awesome!

If you are ever given the chance to model for a styled bridal shoot, I would definitely go for it, it’s always fun to put on a wedding dress, and the photos are lovely!

This post was not written in collaboration with any of the mentioned suppliers, I simply wanted to share some of the fantastic images from the day. All photos were taken by Jay’s Photography during the shoot.

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