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If you follow me over on Instagram you may have already seen me professing my love numerous times about new brand Roses & Whiskey, who specialise in handmade crystal jewellery. I currently have four of their necklaces, and I love them all!

Although I have always loved the look of crystals, and have heard a little about their healing properties, I didn’t actually own any jewellery before fellow Bournemouth based blogger Jess set up the business a couple of months ago.

Ever since, it’s gone from strength to strength, with Jess recently branching out into additional pendants and earrings as well as the necklaces.

It’s not hard to see why the business has done so well, not only does Jess offer a fantastic and varied range, which she is constantly adding to, but she is also totally clued up on the properties of the stones, and will happily advise customers on which crystals to purchase.

So far I have the sodalite, blue lace agate, turquoise cat eye and the baby amethyst – stones that promise to help with anxiety, confidence, calm and focus.

I already have my eye on a couple more, and I am excited to see what Jess has in store as she’s hinted at the possibility of an anklet range.

I recently spent the weekend with my sister and sister-in-law who both said how much they love the necklaces, and every Bournemouth Bloggers event lately has had at least a couple of people wearing their necklaces.

I absolutely love supporting local brands, and when one is run by somebody as lovely and down to earth as Jess, I can’t help but shout about how fantastic it is!

If you’d like to see the range, head over to the Roses & Whiskey Instagram page where lots of designs, and any current promotions, are featured and check out the website.

I purchased my jewellery myself, and was under no obligation to write about the brand, I just love it!

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