Mummy Mondays – Benjamin at 18 Months

Ok, ok, I know every mum sounds like a broken record as their child reaches another birthday or milestone, but seriously, how is Benjamin already 18 months?!

It seems like so little time ago that he was being placed into my arms after a whirlwind labour, and yet here we are with a total tearaway toddler on our hands!

The beginning of this year has shown a huge change in Benjamin’s development and, with a break away from him whilst we were on our honeymoon recently, he seems to have really grown up as he reaches this milestone.


Benjamin is largely independent these days, wanting to walk everywhere, even if it isn’t practical for him to do so. He became very quick on his feet after he got the hang of walking, and will happily run from place to place these days.

He absolutely loves being let to roam free outside, and he now has his very own pair of trainers to match his big brother’s – he looks adorable in them!

I am not keen on reigns for children, as I have seen them misused and children literally being yanked around with them, but I do think they might be necessary as Benjamin is such a wild child and wants to run off when we are out and about.


I had thought that we would have reached the end of our breastfeeding journey by this point. I had intended to stop prior to going away on honeymoon, and in the end had to go cold turkey, as I ran out of time.

Benjamin was ok about the lack of milk whilst I was away, and my mum was confident that he wouldn’t want it when I returned. However, Benjamin had other ideas, and it turns out my milk hadn’t dried up whilst I was away, so for now at least, Benjamin is still feeding, just at bedtime now. We shall see how it goes.


Benjamin still loves his food, although he has become a lot fussier of late as to what he enjoys. He isn’t a huge fan of breakfast, like me, but will eat a huge amount at lunchtime including breadsticks, meats, mini cheddars, strawberries, cucumber and yoghurt. At dinnertime he will eat what we are having but much prefers the meat to the potato, and he still loves pasta over all else, finding it easy to feed to himself.


Benjamin is not talking much, and I am getting a little concerned as he seems to have regressed in his speech. Whereas he was saying a fair few words, including finally saying mumma, he now largely communicates with grunts and whines until we get what it is he wants.

He will pull at my top and make a noise and look at me, then back down at my chest when he wants milk, and he will point and grunt if he wants us to get him food, a drink or a certain toy. I am going to bring it up with the health visitor if it continues as it is a little odd.


Benjamin is still in age 12-18 months clothes mostly at the moment, and as he is on the titchy side, I don’t see him moving up anytime soon, although he has worn one 18-24 month jumper so far.

As I mentioned, he has some cute little trainers (which cost way more than I would like to admit), and I can’t wait to get him kitted out in his summer wardrobe. I love the range of clothes in Sainsburys, and will be heading there when they next have their 25% off promotion – such good value!


Benjamin hasn’t got many more teeth lately, and when he does he’s been coping quite well.

I’m crossing my fingers he will find the next ones ok too, as I know some babies really suffer with their teeth coming in.


Benjamin is so adorable at this age. He is also a little terror, so cheeky and pushing his boundaries at every turn. He is totally fearsome, and will climb and jump off anything he can!

He won’t kiss or hug anybody on demand, but that makes it even more special when he does decide to do these things.

He was very upset with us for leaving him when we went away, and made this clear when we were FaceTiming him whilst he was with my mum. He would turn his head and refuse to look at us.

When we came back, he took a little time to come around, but he is now glued to my side, unwilling to let me out of his sight again.

I missed him immensely, as well as the older two children, and I have been giving him lots of cuddles since we were reunited to make up for my time away.

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