Wedding Wednesday – Behind the Bride – AK

This week’s Bride is AK who writes brilliant blog The German Wife!

Hi AK. First of all, congratulations on your marriage! When was the big day?

Thank you! We had our Registry Wedding on Thursday 23rd July 2015 and the big day followed on Saturday the 25th July 2015 in Kipfenberg a little town in Germany which is also the geographical middle point of Bavaria.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner. When and where did you first meet?

I am originally from Germany but in December 2005 I came over to the UK to work as a private Nanny and spend some time with my ill (Great) Aunty.

Whilst visiting her on my weekends off at her daughters house I also got to know all of the ‘C’ Clan. Mr. C. included, who just happened to be the youngest brother of my (great) cousin’s husband.

6 month later after a lot of flirting at family gatherings & a few secret meet ups (because his brother disapproved of us dating to start with) we got together and for our first official date we went to see the Foo Fighters at Hyde Park.

How did they propose? Or was it you who popped the question?

Myself and Finn (who was 3 at the time) stayed in Germany for our annual summer visit and Mr. C. flew over for a week to join us.

A huge group consisting of my family and some friends planned to head to the Beerfestival for one last visit before flying back home to the UK and whilst we were there Mr. C. decided to get on stage, take over the mic from the band who where on a break to propose to me!!

It was very emotional (especially because I was 4 months pregnant with our 2. baby) and it was a huge surprise I had no clue whatsoever! I knew that 2 days prior Mr. C. asked my parents for permission to marry me (which he had told me about so I wouldn’t suspect anything). At that conversation he also told them that he wants to do it at the Beer festival and roped in their help.

There where a few lucky encounters for example the singer of the band playing that Saturday came to visit a family friend who was staying at my parents and my dad asked him for the favour of allowing Mr. C. to take the stage for 10 minutes to do his thing….well it turned out to be more like 30 minutes and they even played a song for us at the end!!!) and he also told a group of my Godfathers retired policeman friends on Thursday (whilst on another beer festival visit) about his plan and it just so happened that one of them called his daughter to send along a newspaper reporter/photographer who turned it into a article because nobody in the 201 year history of the Eichstatter Beerfestival has proposed on stage before!!! It was quite surreal to be asked to come to the regional Newspaper HQ for a interview the next day!

Thankfully my cousin and her husband filmed the whole thing so we could show it to everybody back home who couldn’t be there it is most certainly a video to treasure and show the kids when they are older.

Tell me a bit about your big day. Where did you tie the knot? Did you have a theme or a colour scheme?

Our Registry wedding on Thursday was in Kipfenberg a small town in Bavaria and was a smallish affair of 30 family members followed by a nice meal in a restaurant.

Friday all the guests from the UK arrived in town and on Saturday our family priest (just as my Nan would have wanted it) married us in an amazing medieval ruin church in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields and a valley.

After the ceremony the guests indulged in some champagne, nibbles as well as coffee and cake outside before driving back in a car convoy with 2 mini buses and at least 20 cars to Kipfenberg where we held our reception in a large hall opposite a restaurant.

Our colour scheme was rustic with some pastel yellow and gold in the mix and a stamp with a rustic heart with our initials which was found on lots of elements on the table and hall decorations.

Although for the invitations to the UK Family we send out some Boarding Card Style Invitations fitting for a abroad wedding!

On Sunday most of us meet again (with slight hangovers) for a wedding brunch followed by more of the delicious wedding cake as a dessert!

Because our wedding was in the summer holidays most families with children stayed on for another couple of days which we filled with sunny days at the lido, numeral visits to the beer gardens and a few evening gatherings back at my parents house.

What was your favourite memory from your day?

Mr. C. surprised me with not holding a traditional Groom’s speech but instead he got his Ukulele out and sang a song for me which was amazing! The second best thing was that our bands song after our first dance (which is traditionally the father/daughter dance) was by my all time favourite German singer Xavier Naidoo and it was just perfect! They read my mind!!

I decided against bridesmaids but I asked all of my cousins and best girlfriends to buy a dress in whatever shade red they like and I adore all the pictures we had taken together! We have now made this a new cousin tradition and we all wore turquoise for my cousins wedding a year later!!

Was there anything that didn’t go to plan? Or that you would perhaps have done differently?

Oh yes with all the rushing around and a slightly panicked Mum we forgot my gorgeous flower bouquet at home on the dining room table we only realised moments before i was suppose to enter the church but it was a 45 minutes drive back home so my maid of honour kindly gave up her heart shaped small bouquet I had made for her as a surprise and all was good again we just had a right giggle about it and I did not stress a second over it!

If I could do it again I would NOT forget to get a picture of ourselves and the kids we haven’t got a single one because they had way too much fun running wild in the fields and I also deeply regret that I forgot to take a picture of us with my beloved godmother!

Do you have any advice for future brides to be?

Enjoy every second of it and laugh your way through all the mishaps and silly things that will happen! Don’t plan the day thinking what others might like plan it as you would want it to be and take your husband aside after the ceremony into a quite corner for 10 minutes to let it just soak in that you are actually husband and wife now!

What a beautiful day AK, and that proposal sounds immense! If you’d like to hear more from AK, head to her blog or social media channels – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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