Beauty – Thoughts on My Very First MAC Lipstick 

Ok, so I know that somebody who blogs about beauty really shouldn’t admit to being so late to the MAC party, but oh well!

At the start of December, Ed and I headed to Bath to visit their Christmas market with his work, and whilst we were there exploring, we came across the Jolly’s (House of Fraser) department store.

The MAC counter was calling to me and I spent longer than I care to share looking at all of the pretty makeup (let’s just say, Ed lost the will to live during our time in the shop).

In particular I was looking at the lipsticks. I had heard amazing things about MAC’s lip colours, but I hadn’t ever tried them myself and didn’t really know where to start.

I don’t have the budget to buy lots of high end makeup, so I needed to make sure that the shade I picked would be right for me. I went into it with military precision, first googling different shades and scanning beauty blogger’s posts on the shades they have tried to see which were the fail safe colours to go for.

I then swatched several shades on my hand, and when I had found some I loved, a member of staff came and helped me to try them on. In the end, I was down to the following shades – Creme in Your Coffee, Hot Gossip, Fast Play, Velvet Teddy, Twig and Kinda Sexy.

The lipsticks ranged in shade, with some lighter than others. There were also a mixture of matte and gloss, and I found the decision fairly hard. In the end Ed helped me and after much deliberation, I went for Fast Play, from the Amplified range and described on the MAC website as being a neutral pink shade.

I have been wearing the lipstick over the last six weeks and I think I chose the right shade for this time of year.

It is quite dark, darker than I’d of imagined reading the description on the website. However, it isn’t too dark to be draining on my fairly pale skin, and it is still subtle enough for everyday wear, whilst also being glam enough to wear for drinks over Christmas too.

The lipstick wears well, although I am not convinced it is worth the price tag, as my Max Factor lipsticks seem to have the same staying power for a fraction of the cost.

For a treat though, I am pleased to have finally tried a MAC lipstick, I’m just not entirely convinced it lives up to the hype.

Do you have MAC lipsticks? What are your thoughts? Is there a shade you recommend?

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9 thoughts on “Beauty – Thoughts on My Very First MAC Lipstick 

  1. Heather

    I do like Mac lipsticks but I think they are so hyped up and not worth it on the whole (but that’s just my opinion) x


  2. Charlotte Lane

    Ooh I loove this shade! I only have a couple of MAC lipsticks, but I want to add a few more to my collection. They smell incredible too xo

    Char |


  3. Chloe Dickenson

    I love the colour of this lipstick, MAC lipsticks are some of my favourites! It’s a shame that you weren’t overly impressed with it but I’m glad you finally jumped on the MAC bandwagon! xx


  4. Prettiful Blog

    That looks like such a beautiful shade! 😍


  5. shelley

    I used to love Mac & had too many but I wish they were cruelty free!


  6. Gemma

    I don’t have this shade but it’s beautiful! I bet you look fab in it x


    1. emma_lou

      Thank you 😊 x


  7. Joyce Lau

    This is a beautiful shade. I love my Mac lipsticks but I keep the collection very small and only shades I love. Velvet teddy and taupe are my faves and they are both matte x


  8. Hannah

    I’ve never had a MAC lipstick either. I can’t justify paying for it, I love Rimmel make up and the lipstick probably doesn’t stay on as long but for the cheaper price I don’t mind reapplying every so often! Haha.
    Plus I wouldn’t be able to choose one, it’s too much pressure!


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